Due to Corona, as we know, there is a very bad environment all around, due to which sorry shops are closed, due to which it can be a little difficult to take care of your skin, but where there are problems, it is also a solution. If you want to take care of your skin without cells or parlor even during Quarantine, then this blog can be helpful for you because in this blog you will be told about some tips mentioned by Malaika Arora so that you can take care of your skin. can do it at home.

Malaika said in the beginning of the live

Malaika said in the beginning of the live that everyone should use this time very sensibly. After his friend Sarvesh said that he is enjoying isolation. Malaika also said in response that in fact she is very fond of this isolation time. Malaika further said that in everyday life we ​​do not realize how much hectic life we ​​live.

She said that she is making good use of this time in cleaning the house and taking out the garbage. So in a way it is good. Along with this, she was also answering the questions of her fans. He also asked his fans to share his videos on social media. Tell others how they are making their time interesting. Malaika said that it is not necessary that you plan every single moment of your life. It is not always necessary that you take stress in planning one thing at a time.

Malaika while giving a message to her fans said that you people spend time thinking that tomorrow this has to be done, that has to be done. And in such a situation, you forget to enjoy that moment. Responding to a fan’s question, Malaika said that she finds yoga very good for fitness.

Apart from this, Malaika shared many of her videos. One of which is making Malabarian Vegetable Soup in the video. In it, he told that he loves to cook.

When she gets time, she definitely cooks for her family and friends. But it is very rare that they get this time. In such a situation, she is using this self-isolation time in a constructive way, by making delicious recipes.

He said that he learned this recipe from his mother and his friend Monica. He gave the message that everyone should stay at home and be safe. Malaika posted a video for her fitness freak fans doing a Suryanamaskar. His fitness partner is also in this video. He said that you can easily do this Suryanamaskar at home. So take some time for self care and self love

Malaika Arora maintains a wonderful glow even at the age of 45. She shares her fitness and beauty secrets with fans.

He said that beauty comes more from inside than from outside. So try to stay away from as much stress as possible. Meditate, live a balanced life

  1. Malaika said that all women clean their face well before sleeping, follow CTM means cleansing, toning, moisturizing.
  2. According to Malaika, do workouts at least thrice a week. Because it removes body toxins and makes the whole body glow along with the face.
  3. Apart from this, she also does yoga, according to her, yoga keeps her calm from inside.
  4. Malaika does makeup only when needed.
  5. Malaika starts the day with lukewarm water, in which she sometimes uses lemon.
  6. Malaika not only consumes beet juice to increase the glow of her skin, but also rubs it on her face and face.
  7. One particular element plays a big role in Malaika’s skin routine. And that is Aloe Vera, Malaika has told many times on her Insta profile that she uses Aloe Vera on her face several times a day.
  8. In her Insta post, Malaika also mentioned the beauty of her feet, she told that she uses brihansnaturalproduct products to keep the feet soft.
  9. In the end, Malaika said that because it is time to stayhome staysafe, she is taking out a lot of time for her beauty and fitness.

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