Hair serum is basically a styling liquid based product that helps to keep your hair shiny and smooth, its use is suitable for both boys and girls and it is also easily available in the market, basically in this blog we are going to know that There can be benefits for hair serum and how to apply it etc. On the basis of which you can decide whether you should choose hair serum or not.

  • Streax Pro Hair Serum Vita Glass (with Vitamin E)
  • Streaks Hair Serum Vitalized (with Walnut Oil)

Benefits of applying serum Benefits of Streax Hair Serum

1- wake up the shine

There is so much pollution nowadays, that most of the time, staying outside in dusty soil and no time for hair. Due to these reasons their natural luster is lost.

Hair looks dry and lifeless, long and thick hair is of no use if it is dry and lifeless. Such hair does not look beautiful. Streaks Serum adds a covering to the hair, thereby retaining the shine.

2- Does the work of conditioning

You condition your hair after shampoo to keep it soft, but long-term use of chemicals damages the natural moisture and shine of the hair. In such a situation, the serum not only does the conditioning but also protects against the UV rays of the sun and the bad effects of the chemicals in the shampoo and conditioner.

3- Do not harm hair styling

Hair has to be styled to go to some function, in such a situation, the use of these tools like hair dryer, hair straightener, hair gets spoiled.

If we first apply a protective layer of serum on the hair and then use them, then the damage done to the hair is greatly reduced.

4- Create different hairstyles

You are getting ready to go to some function, just do not understand what to do with the hair.

Because it is very difficult to make a hairstyle in dry, tangled, and frizzy hair, in such a situation, if the dry, tangled curly hair is solved by applying serum, then the hair styling becomes easy.

5- Stop hair fall

In today’s busy schedule, people are short of time. In such a situation, be it a housewife, college student or working, she cannot take care of her hair. What is the result? If hair fall is not taken care of early, then this problem becomes serious day by day. Sometimes an infection can also be the reason for the problem of hair loss. streaks serum The vitamin E and walnut oil included in it show great effect.

6- Dandruff no more

Dandruff in the head and hair is a big problem. It can be called a kind of infection. Due to this, there is slight itching in the head all the time, which later turns into burning. If there is dandruff or dandruff in the head, the person starts avoiding the gathering of people due to the self-image being down. Because it’s embarrassing to scratch your head all the time and see dandruff on your clothes. In such streaks serum Be sure to use

7- Prevent split ends

Hair styling hobby, pollution, not paying attention to hair nutrition, being careless towards hair, all these reasons lead to split ends. Split hair does not allow the length of the hair to grow, it does not even look good.

Streaks serum can be used to get rid of split ends if used with a little care.

8- Make the hair thick

When the hair is long but not thick, then their hairstyle does not look good. Therefore, women keep such hair short, serum is also beneficial in getting rid of this problem.

How to apply Streaks Hair Serum? 

  • After washing the head, dry the hair with a towel so that there is light moisture in the hair.
  • When the hair is slightly wet, then only add 4 to 6 drops of serum to the palm.
  • Now rub the serum with both hands, choose the amount of serum according to your hair.
  • Serum does not spread easily in very wet or very dry hair
  • Now take all the hair forward, apply serum from root to tip.
  • After this, raise the neck and take some serum and apply it on the palms, now on the remaining hair above.

Precautions to Use While Using Streax Hair Serum

  • If your hair is already very thick, do not apply serum, as it will increase the stickiness.
  • Applying serum for the first time, first apply it on the back side of the hair so that you know how much the serum is spreading.
  • If the serum is used on dry hair then it is best, because the serum gives moisture to the hair.
  • Applying oily hair serum increases the viscosity due to the increase of moisture in the hair, due to which there is a possibility of more dust and dirt sticking, so reduce the use of serum on oily hair.
  • Do not rub hair serum on the root of the hair
  • Too much of everything is bad. Serum makes hair look beautiful and shiny, so lest you use it too much or too many times a day.
  • Due to this, unnecessary pressure will increase on the hair, due to excess moisture, the hair will become weak and break.

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