New Covid vaccine offers better protection to immunocompromised patients: Study

According to the initial results of a small test, enewly developed a strong immune response in Pavid-19 vaccine

immunocompromised patients, including Cancer Cancer such as Leukemia and Lymphoma.

On Tuesday, the conclusion presented in the annual meeting of American Academy of Cancer Research (AACR) in Louisiana, 

explains that T-cell immune responses were encouraged in 93 percent patients with vaccine, B-Cell deficiencies.

"For our knowledge, Covak-1 is currently the only peptide-based vaccine candidate which has been developed and evaluated for 

immunocompromised patients, 'University Hospital Tubingen Julian Wallz in Germany, and a professor of Germany Julian Wallz he said.

A peptide vaccine is where the pieces of proteins are directly injected directly instead of encoded through Messenger RNA (MRNA)

Researchers noted that immunization inspires a strong immune response against SARS-COV-2 virus in most individuals

approved vaccines have decreased efficacy in many immunocompromised people.