In ayurvedic, you get to see many such medicines which have countless benefits, we are going to talk about one such auyvedic medicine in this blog whose name is Chandraprabha Vati, you may have heard about it or maybe you about it. Wouldn’t know. Chandra means moon and prabha means radiance, due to which this medicine is made.

So basically this is going to be the topic of this blog, what are the benefits of Chandraprabha Vati and what are its side effects etc.

Chandraprabha Vati is made up of which ayurvedic ingredients 

Chandraprabha Vati Total 37 substances Made from the sum of Pure Guggulu, Shilajet, Mishri, Tejpatra, Dantimool, Cinnamon, Camphor, Small cardamom in Chandraprabha Vati. Ayurvedic elements like Nagarmotha, Deodaru, Vacha, Turmeric, Peepalmool, Coriander, Chitrak, Bahera, Harad, Black pepper, Gajapipali, Rock salt, Ativish etc. have been included. Many reputed Ayurvedic companies make Chandraprabha Vati.

Benefits of Chandraprabha Vati

  • if you kidney disease If so, Chandraprabha Vati can prove to be a boon for you. It improves kidney function and lowers the level of uric acid, thereby keeping the kidney healthy.
  • If Chandraprabha Vati is consumed regularly body energy Comes and new energy is transmitted. This reduces fatigue and keeps the mind engaged in work.
  • Regular consumption of Chandraprabha Vati makes you physically and mentally strong. Along with this, it also reduces stress, so that you can avoid serious diseases like depression.
  • If children are given regular consumption of Chandraprabha Vati, then their memory power Increases to a great extent.
  • if you Joint pain, knee pain and swollen feet If you are troubled by Chandraprabha Vati, then Chandraprabha Vati is very beneficial for you. It has ingredients that will give you relief in joint and knee pain.
  • Elements found in Chandraprabha Vati balance hormone levels does. Along with this, Chandraprabha Vati is also very beneficial in the problems of periods in women. Irregular periods, pain during periods, cramps etc. can be avoided by its consumption.
  • Many times women have a problem of excessive bleeding during periods and this happens due to the increase in the size of the uterus. In such a situation, if you consume Chandraprabha Vati regularly, then it size of uterus becomes normal.
  • if you frequent urination problems If yes, then you should consume Chandraprabha Vati, it will get you rid of it soon.
  • Such elements are found in Chandraprabha Vati which masculine power Due to which libido increases, sexual problems are removed, sperm count increases and physical weakness is cured.
  • if your kidney stones If yes, then you should consume Chandraprabha Vati regularly because such elements are found in it which is capable of preventing stones.
  • If there is any kind of infection, swelling or burning sensation in the bladder, then Chandraprabha Vati is very beneficial in this.
  • Many medicines found in Chandraprabha Vati high blood pressure controls the. Along with this, it controls the level of cholesterol and keeps the heart strong.
  • Consumption of Chandraprabha Vati strength to uterus meets. If a woman has the problem of repeated abortion, then the reason for this can be a weak pregnancy and in such a situation, the pregnancy can be strengthened by the consumption of Chandraprabha Vati.
  • By consuming Chandraprabha Vati sugar levels can be controlled. It reduces the passing of sugar in the urine, which keeps diabetes under control.

Chandraprabha Vati is effective in these problems

  • yellowing of body
  • eyes sunk in
  • loss of appetite
  • to increase sperm count
  • increase blood cells
  • in dreams, in premature ejaculation
  • irregular menstruation
  • enlargement of uterus
  • severe pain during menstruation
  • weakening of the uterus
  • Back pain, pelvic pain etc.
  • Feeling weak and more tired
  • passing semen with urine
  • in improving the quality of semen
  • In diseases like jaundice, piles etc.
  • low urine output
  • when constipated

How to use Chandraprabha Vati 

Well, its bullets are made. You can take 2 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules in the evening with milk or water. If weakness is more then it should be taken with milk.