Due to the bad routine of our daily life style, we start having different types of skin problems and the most common problem is pimples, which everyone hates, basically there are many reasons for having pimples like having more oil on the skin, Bacteria, Inflammation To prevent this problem, people also adopt many types of creams, but do you know that the chemical cream used by you can cause you more harm.

Basically in this blog we are going to know top 6 such ways by which you can remove pimples, that too without using creams.

6 Techniques To Say ‘Goodbye’ To Your Pimples Forever

Breakouts are the worst to happen to any woman who is trying hard to look beautiful. Since 90% of people get breakouts on the face, it is now becoming a serious issue. But with the right techniques, it can be easily avoided. Here’s how!

1. Ice is always nice

Since cold contracts, ice is the perfect way to soothe your pimples and reduce the redness. It also helps in decreasing the itchiness that makes matters worse. Make sure you apply a single ice cube on the affected area by gently massaging it where needed. Don’t overdo this process as it may irritate the skin and cause side effects.

Ways to say goodbye to Pimple

Also, keep in mind to use the ice indirectly, as direct use may burn the skin and enhance the redness. Ice is also an incredible technique to make your pores lighter thereby making your skin shine like never before.

2. Stop at the start

For people who are constantly struggling with acne, it’s time to stop them right before they pop. Acnes always begin to show up as tiny red spots on the skin that cause unevenness. As soon as you feel it on your skin, use a good acne medication to treat it properly. A suitable anti-acne soap will work like magic at this point.

In case, your acne is severe, make sure you use medications prescribed by your dermatologist to avoid any complications. Using a skincare regimen will also help to enhance your acne treatment when in need.

3. Avoid unhealthy eating

Ways to say goodbye to Pimple

Eating junk food or food that contains unhealthy fat, may give a boost to your acne. As these junk foods are high on unhealthy fat, they may increase the oiliness in your skin, which might cause increased breakouts. Thus, improve your diet and check out the difference. A mix of veggies with a balanced diet will not only help you stay fit but also burst those acnes at once. Include amla in your diet and see what miracles it will bring to your skin. Start your day with a glass of amla juice to keep your weight in control and get rid of the pimples.

So, what’s the wait worth for?

4. Opt for a sulphur mask

Sulphur has been in use as an acne treatment for many years now. Since it has qualities of decreasing pores and inflammation, it can be the perfect way to get rid of those irritating spots on the face.

Apply a sulphur mask on your face. You can also use it only on the affected area, in case you do not want to cover the whole face. Keep it for about half an hour. Repeat the process regularly to see the change. Very soon, you will notice that your acne has stopped growing in number and the existing spots are vanishing one by one.

5. Home remedies work magic

Ways to say goodbye to Pimple

If you do not want to go over-the-top with acne treatments, home remedies will come to your rescue immediately. A dab of turmeric, neem, lemon, curd or even besan can help you get rid of your acne in no time. An Ubtan mask that includes turmeric, lemon, rose water, yoghurt and besan can also help you to overcome the pimple problems.You can also try an amla face pack for a healthy skin. Among many benefits of amla, it is best used to prevent skin from acne, pimples, sunburn and various other skin problems.

Sometimes, a dollop of toothpaste on the affected area can also work like magic. Don’t forget to try at least one of the remedies to see how they help you get over this problem forever.

6. Load yourself with water

One of the most age-old methods of removing pimples is to drink loads of water. It is an amazing way to purify your skin and allow the process of detoxification to work its wonders. Very soon, the results will shine on your skin like never before.

Last Words

Hope these mentioned 6 Ways will be helpful for you to remove Pimples but along with this you must also include workout in your routine which eliminates the harmful bacteria present in your body and keeps your skin glowing and moisturized. If you have any other question related to this then definitely ask on comment section.