While sitting in front of the computer screen throughout the day, you may have the problem of eye stress in general, although it can also be caused by other things, but the main reason is that it happens while you work more.

To get relief from this, people adopt many tips like using eye drops etc. But in this blog we are going to know about some different 5 ways by which you can make your eye stress work.

What Exactly is Eye Fatigue/Eye Stress?

When your eyes become red and puffy, you have difficulty seeing clearly, or the eyes are sore and irritated, these are clear indicators that you have eye fatigue. More symptoms include dry and watery eyes, double vision, pain in the shoulders, back, and neck areas, and increased sensitivity to light. Eye fatigue is caused by incessant hours spent in front of a computer screen or a smartphone. This type of eye strain is called Computer Vision Syndrome. This is not only restricted to adults; children playing video games for long periods can also be affected.

How does Computer Vision Syndrome Affect Me?

CVS is just like other repetitive stress injuries at work. When you do the same motion over and over again, it increases the risk of you getting injured. And the condition is only exacerbated if you continue doing it.

How can I Prevent it?

Try to blink more often.

  • Our eyes blink 15 times per minute, and blinking moisturises the eyes, adding a fresh layer of tears while cleaning the surface.
  • Research shows that when we’re working on a computer, watching TV or staring at the tiny mobile phone screens our blinking drops to almost half of the usual rate. This leads to dry and irritable eyes.
  • Make your surroundings a little more ideal for long working hours. Sit on a comfortable chair with a back cushion to support your back, and make sure your computer screen is at least 20-25 inches away from your eyes.
  • Take frequent breaks. Every 20 minutes, get up from your chair, walk around a bit, and stretch your body. This will ensure that productivity does not slacken.
  • Focus on faraway objects. Staring into a screen with small text makes it difficult for the eyes to focus after a prolonged period of time. Look away from the computer at objects 20 feet away every now and then to relax them.
  • Make sure your screen is at or a little below eye level so as to not strain the neck. Massage your neck or rotate it clockwise and anti-clockwise to relax it.


In this digital era, it is difficult to give up using our computers, TVs, and mobile phones. But with frequent breaks, we can reduce the strain put on our eyes. The key is to relax, stretch, blink often, and be conscious of our posture to not fall prey to CVS.

The way the development has increased in the life of the people, the stress has also increased in their life and in this blog we are going to know about a different category of one such stress which completely changes the experience of life and Also we will know how it can be managed.

IVF or In Vitro Fertilization in itself is a life changing experience which can bring stress and potential stigmatisation. IVF treatments are time consuming, physically demanding, expensive and emotionally taxing. Many couples undergoing IVF treatments experience relationship issues, changes in social networking as well as disturbance in the married life. IVF stress develops in response to the uncertainty and demanding nature of the treatment. Feeling of depression, anger anxiety, sleep deprivation and loss of appetite are seen amongst couples undergoing the treatment.

What makes In Vitro Fertilization stressful?

IVF treatment involves multiple steps which needs to be understood in detail by the couple planning to undergo an IVF. Counseling needs to be undertaken in order to understand the procedure, benefits and risks involved with the treatment.

  • The first step of IVF treatment begins with injections to stimulate the ovaries for increased egg production which is monitored through blood sampling and ultrasound tests. Blood sampling and ultrasounds are conducted to monitor the same .
  • The second step involves the surgical retrieval of eggs by a medical professional under anaesthesia. After extracting the egg, sperm is collected from male and both are combined in the lab (in-vitro) to initiate the fertilization process which can take 5-6 days.
  • If the egg gets fertilized and converts into an embryo, the healthy embryo is then placed inside the uterus which is time consuming and requires frequent hospital visits. In addition to this, the outcome of IVF is highly uncertain which leads to stress

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Why is it important to manage IVF treatment Stress?

Stress tends to impact the treatment negatively. Various studies indicate that stress delays the conception rate and ability to cope with complications associated with the treatment

Techniques to cope with stress during treatments

There are many techniques which can be implemented to relieve stress during IVF.

  • Educate yourself – Make sure you get your queries and doubts resolved by your doctor. Research and gather information from creditable sources. .
  • General stress relieving measures like eating healthy, lower caffeine intake, adequate sleep and positive thinking can help to manage stress during IVF.
  • Relaxation techniques like meditation, brisk walks and deep breathing exercises can help by lowering blood pressure, by relaxing muscle tensions and easing out emotional tension.
  • Seeking alternatives /options – It is advisable to have a “backup plan” in the event of repetitive unsuccessful cycles. Collect information on other procedures like ovum donation, surrogacy, adoption or foster care.
  • Dealing with infertility and undergoing treatments can be stressful and challenging for individuals. It is crucial to identify the stress triggers and know ways of dealing with it. If you have trouble coping with stress,it is advisable to seek medical advice.

IVF treatment, despite being stressful and time consuming has given new hopes to many childless couples. Correct choice of infertility treatment along with supportive medical consultation has helped many couples in attaining parenthood.

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Today we are living in such a Era in which there is no shortage of stress in the life of the people. There can be many reactions of stress, but have you ever thought that what impact of stress can read in your heart, maybe otherwise this blog is basically going to be discussed on this topic.

Medical researchers, however, do not have a rational basis to show how stress is related to increasing the risk of heart disease. Stress may act as a direct risk factor, or may contribute indirectly by leading to high cholesterol or high blood pressure. Either way, it is never considered enough.

Stress acts as an individual risk factor on a prolonged basis, when the body has constantly been under stress for long. This may lead to increase in stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol which predispose the body to increased risk for many cardiac problems. There may be a minor alteration in which the blood clots.

One important consideration while contemplating stress as a risk factor is that response to a similar stressful situation is very individualistic and each person may respond entirely differently. While one may find an event miserable and frustrating, it might be routine for the other individual. Those more prone to be easily angered, or frustrated have increased chances of developing stress-related multiple health issues including cardiac problems.

Those who are already suffering from cardiac issues may face a severe risk for angina, if they have an incidence of chronic stress.

It is good to develop a sense of a situation which acts as triggers to your life: traffic jams, irregular employees, kids’ performance, etc and try to handle them with a calm mind. Practicing mindfulness can be very helpful and meditation and yoga can be really beneficial.