The problem of periods in women is a rule made by nature, which women have to face, but during periods, they sometimes have unwanted pain, which is very painful, however, to get relief from it, there are many in the market. Medicines are available but in this blog we are going to talk about some effective home remedies which can help in relieving the pain caused by periods.

Types of pain in periods

There are mainly two types of pain in periods. Like – 1 primary pain 2 moderate pain

1.Primary Pain:-This pain usually occurs in teenage girls and young women as it is a sign of the onset of menstruation. Cramps are caused by contraction of the uterus. Pain can also occur due to lack of blood in the uterus. The pain is mainly in the lower abdomen but can also travel down and down the back of the thighs. Some women feel irritable. This is a natural condition and for many women it is just a minor menstrual discomfort. Primary pain can be eased with the birth control pill as well as some relaxation techniques.

2.Moderate pain:It may not start in your mid-twenties or later. This pain may not start until a woman is 20 years old. This pain is not limited to just the month of periods but can occur throughout the period cycle. Periods may become heavier and longer and sex may be painful. Moderate pain can be a sign of other conditions, including infection, that need immediate attention. If you are above 18 years of age and experiencing period pain, you should not hesitate to consult a gynecologist.

Cause of Pain in Periods:-

The prostaglandin chemical produced in the body of women is the cause of problems in menstruation. Prostaglandins increase the contraction of the muscles of the uterus. Women who have more prostaglandins. Pain during periods is also more in them due to more contractions. Apart from this, there are many reasons, due to which women feel more pain during periods. like:-

1. Endometriosis – Presence of uterine tissue outside the uterus.
2. Fibroids and adenomyosis – the production of non-carcinogenic factors in the uterus.
3. Infection in the reproductive organs.
4. Ectopic pregnancy – In this, the baby comes into the fallopian tube instead of the uterus.
5. IUD – This is a contraceptive device.
6. Cyst or lump in the ovary.
7. Narrowed Cervix

Home remedies to reduce period pain


Tulsi is a good option to get rid of your period cramps. Because the herbs and caffeic acid found in it have analgesic properties. To make this, put basil leaves in a cup of water. After this boil the water and drink it when it cools down. Consuming it two-three times a day can get rid of the problem of stomach pain and period cramps.

Flaxseed Seeds:-

Very few people have heard about linseed seeds, but its benefits are very unique. Fatty acids are found in flaxseeds. Which helps in reducing the pain caused by your period cramps. Apart from this, it removes the problems related to the uterus. To use it, consume 2-3 spoons of flaxseeds daily by mixing them in yogurt, salad etc.

Intake of Fennel:-

Fennel is a good remedy. It has anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties for the problem of stomach pain, which helps in relaxing your uterus muscles. Due to which the pain of periods reduces. To consume it, boil fennel in a cup of water, cool it for 5 minutes and mix it with honey and drink it twice a day.


The ginger found in every household is mostly used in tea, but do you know that by consuming ginger, the problem of your periods cramps goes away. Ginger helps in reducing fatigue in periods, as well as regular periods, and women are also saved from the problem of pain. To use it, cut pieces of ginger and boil them in water and then filter the water and drink it mixed with honey and lemon juice. Drinking this tea 2-3 times a day helps in reducing the pain of periods faster.

Fenugreek Seeds:-

It is good to use fenugreek seeds to reduce cramps during periods. For its consumption, soak the fenugreek seeds overnight. Consume it with water the next morning. If you want, you can also use fenugreek powder. You start consuming it a week before the period starts. With this, you will not have to face much problem in periods.


One of the problems that most women face during the period pain is that the flow of blood is not correct. In this case, definitely consume papaya. Along with curing blood flow, it also improves digestion. That’s why you eat ripe papaya during periods.

Fennel :-

Antispasmodic elements are found in fennel which are helpful in keeping the periods regular. Along with this, it also controls female sex hormones. It induces the period to occur at the right time by causing contractions in the uterus. Apart from this, it can also reduce the pain during periods.


Beetroot contains many essential nutrients and iron, folic acid etc., which prove to be effective in regulating irregular menstruation. They help in correcting the balance of hormones, so try to include beetroot in your diet regularly. Beetroot is considered best for both health and periods. You can incorporate it into your routine in many ways.

Tamarind :-

Tamarind contains fiber and antioxidants, which coagulate the blood and prevent excessive bleeding. If you feel that there is a lot of bleeding, then definitely eat a piece of tamarind. Sour foods like tamarind can be included in your diet to keep menstruation regular.

Aloe vera:-

Regular consumption of aloe vera juice or gel is also a surefire way to correct period irregularities. But aloe vera can be eaten before the period, but do not consume it during the period because its effect is very hot and it can cause more bleeding. There are many other benefits of aloe vera.