Most of the people are such that they get fever very quickly or they keep having small health issues for years, which is the reason for having immunity week. When your immunity system remains strong, then any type of health issue does not bother you for a long time.

So there are many ways to strengthen immunity and the topic of this blog is also going to be on what you can do to strengthen your immunity system and what you should not do.

Things You Do Not Need To Boost Your Immunity

No Superfoods

Contrary to popular belief, there are no miracle foods or supplements that can help you prevent or cure COVID-19 and other viruses.

Malnutrition can certainly impair your immunity and the only answer to this problem is following a balanced diet. Loading up on the so-called superfoods or immunity boosting foods is not going to give you an edge over everyone else’s ability to fight infections and viruses. What you must do is follow a balanced and nutritious diet filled with fruits, vegetables, and proteins, to keep your immunity system active and going.

No Cutting Down of Sugar

Refined sugar and processed foods are responsible for medical conditions and health issues over time, but they are not the reason you are going to catch Coronavirus. However, excessive consumption of empty calories can result in other health concerns, which is why it is recommended to stock up on healthy dietary options for self-quarantine.

No Supplements

Boost Your Immunity, Immune boosting food, how to increase immunity

Supplements are beneficial only when you have a nutritional deficiency. Going overboard with supplements and vitamin juices is not going to help you to increase your immunity or avoid catching Coronavirus if you come in contact with it.

In fact, unnecessarily high doses of nutritional supplements can result in some minor as well as major side effects ranging from nausea, headache, to even organ damage.

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Things You Need To Boost Your Immunity

Vitamin D

Boost Your Immunity, Immune boosting food, how to increase immunity

Vitamin D is an exception to the rule that supplements are not going to help you fight back. In moderation, Vitamin D helps the immune system fight off viruses, even though it may not necessarily protect you from it. A stronger immune system will help reduce the severity of the infection and boost the recovery process.

Apart from sunlight, you can get Vitamin D from foods like salmon, tuna, eggs, cheese, and mushrooms.

Balanced Diet

Maintain a balanced diet, rich in vegetables, fruits, grains and proteins. When the body receives enough and quality fuel, it will automatically run smoothly.

These wholesome and nutritional diet choices are the only immunity boosting foods you need.

Good Sleep

Boost Your Immunity, Immune boosting food, how to increase immunity

Sleep is crucial for your body to develop the ability to fight and recover effectively. You must get 7-9 hours of sleep every night. Studies show that one night of poor sleep can cause a reduction in immune cells by 70%.

Feel free to hit that snooze button while you self-quarantine.


Regular exercise helps reduce inflammation, fight infections, keeps away stress, and lets your body function smoothly. You don’t need to hit a gym in the current situation to stay active. You can take up running, walking, yoga, cycling, etc to stay healthy as well as safe from exposure.

Alcohol in moderation

Alcohol consumption is perfectly fine if done in moderation. Avoid getting carried away when you self-quarantine. Excessive alcohol in the body leads to dehydration as well as impairment of the immune system.

Good Hygiene

Boost Your Immunity, Immune boosting food, how to increase immunity

The best way to keep Coronavirus from spreading is to wash your hands using soap and water and drying them thoroughly. There is no substitute for good hygiene. A hand sanitizer is good when you are on the go, but nothing works as well as soap and water.


Managing your stress levels is crucial to keeping your immune system running smoothly. Do not panic over heaps of misinformation out there and keep yourself relaxed. Pick an activity that helps you stay calm and find your happy place.

A balanced lifestyle is the key to a balanced and smooth functioning immune system.

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