Metabolism describes the chemical reactions of our body, basically, in simple language, then metabolism is a system that works to reach important nutrients and proteins in the body, due to metabolism, our body grows and functions, then if you have details about it If you want information, then definitely read this blog at the end, in which we have told what is metabolism and how it works, what can be its problems etc.

What is Metabolism?

In general terms, we can define metabolism in such a way that metabolism is such a chemical and physical reaction that helps any organism or creature to maintain its healthy life. It meets the energy requirement for basic bodily functions such as breathing, digestion, blood circulation, cell growth and bodily repair.

Types Of Metabolism-

Metabolism is a term that is used to describe all the chemical reactions involved in maintaining cells and organisms in a living state, metabolism can be divided into two classes-

1. Catabolism – The breakdown of molecules to obtain energy is called catabolism, it releases large amounts of energy, hence catabolism is also known as destructive metabolism. It removes organic matter from the body.

2. Anabolic – All essential compounds are synthesized through the cell through anabolic action. Anabolic uses the energy present in the body to aid in cell building function, so anabolics are known as constructive metabolism.

symptoms of metabolism

A person who has a problem like metabolism, he starts getting more tired, due to which many problems come, such as not being able to do much work, not walking for a long time etc. If there is more cholesterol then the person becomes more troubled by his diseases because due to this neither he is able to eat more food outside nor he is able to travel anywhere so easily.

1. Muscle weakness – Due to metabolism, there is always weakness in the muscles, due to which you have trouble walking, climbing and standing for a long time.

2. Having dry skin – Dry skin is a problem for everyone because dry skin causes dryness in our body, which causes a lot of problems, always feeling itchy and most of it happens to you due to increased metabolism. Due to which many types of problems start happening in our body.

3. Weight Gain – No one wants to be overweight, but metabolism is a disease due to which the weight increases more rapidly and has to face many problems.

4. Swelling in the joints – Due to metabolism, inflammation in the joints always remains because its increase leads to weight gain, cholesterol increases, due to which its effect reaches your joints and swelling of your joints increases.

Problems Of Metabolism

Metabolism is a natural process that slows problems such as sleep, physical activity, stress, diet, environmental influences, hormone changes and genetics. The main reason for our body weight gain is that we consume more calories for physical activities, these extra calories later turn into fat, and get stored in the body, which leads to obesity.

There are several hormones that control the state and direction of metabolism, including the thyroid. They play an important role in determining how fast and how much to slow down the chemical reaction of metabolism in a person’s body. Metabolism is a very complex chemical process.

Treatment to Increase Metabolism

Ashwagandha – Eating Ashwagandha powder will boost your metabolism, which will reduce your weight. You can mix it in food or take it with milk. Apart from this, you can make tea and drink it. This reduces your stress and enables you to get complete sleep.

Gooseberry – If you eat amla daily then you will get rid of skin related problems. Because its consumption increases your immunity, metabolism works well, due to which weight starts decreasing rapidly and blood sugar level remains under control.

Muletti – Consumption of liquorice helps you in controlling stress, cold-cold and weight. Its consumption is very good for your health. This also keeps your memory sharp.

Nutmeg – Nutmeg is used as a spice. Eating it daily does not increase your weight. Along with this, you also get good sleep and get rid of heart problems.

Carbohydrates – Food provides three types of carbohydrates, starch, sugar and fiber. Starch and fiber are the main sources of energy. Body tissues depend on glucose for all activities. Glucose is produced by carbohydrate and sugar metabolism. Most people consume about half of their diet in the form of carbohydrates. It comes from rice, bread, wheat, potatoes, etc.

Protein – Protein forms the main tissue in our body. Protein is helpful for cell structure, hemoglobin formation and other body functions. Metabolism helps in doing this work smoothly. Proteins play an important role in the supply of DNA and RNA genetic material and nitrogen for energy production.

fat – Fat is the main source of energy, it produces twice as much energy as carbohydrates and proteins. Fats help build the cellular structure in the body, and form a protective circle around the body’s vital organs. Fats provide a reserve storage for energy.

Minerals – The minerals in foods do not supply energy directly, but are vital to the body. It plays an important role in the body’s metabolic pathway. There are more than 50 elements found in the human body, out of which 25 elements have been found essential.

Vitamins Vitamins especially important in metabolism are vitamins A, B2, niacin, pantothenic acid. These vitamins are essential organic compounds, without which the human body cannot synthesize itself, so all these vitamins must be present in our diet.

Metabolism Chemical reactions are organized in metabolic pathways that allow enzymes to move efficiently through chemical chains in cells from their sequence. The enzyme is important for metabolism. Metabolism is closely related to nutrition and the availability of nutrients. Bioenergetics is a term that describes a biochemical or metabolic pathway.

Almost every girl and woman has a little hobby of doing makeup. At the same time, it is not possible to go to the parlor every time to get makeup done. In such a situation, if you suddenly have to go to a party or function, then there can be trouble. That’s why it is important for every woman to have some knowledge of simple makeup. In such a situation, this article of Stylecrase can prove to be useful. Here we are giving information about some special simple makeup tips for beginners. Often the question comes in the mind of beginners that how to do makeup at home. In such a situation, in answer to this question, we are also sharing here how to do makeup. So, read the article till the end to know how to do makeup at home.

How To Apply Makeup Step By Step For Beginners

Keep in mind: When one starts doing makeup, he should start with light makeup. Due to not knowing how to do makeup, many times women are unable to guess the makeup and accidentally do more makeup. In such a situation, below we are sharing how to do simple makeup, which is as follows:

1. Primer

It is important to apply primer before applying makeup. Primer is used to soften the skin of the face. Along with this, the pores of the face are also less visible. Primer is the base of any makeup, so that the makeup can last for a long time. Keep in mind that always buy the primer according to your skin. Matte for oily skin, hydrating primer for dry skin and water-based primer for sensitive skin. At the same time, both hydrating or matte primers can be suitable for combination skin. Know further how to apply primer.

How to Apply Primer:

  • First clean the face with face wash or cleanser.
  • Then wipe the face with a soft towel and apply a light moisturizer.
  • Now take the required primer on the back part of your hand.
  • After this, apply the primer on your face and neck with your finger tips.
  • Apply the primer dot-dot and especially on the T-zone of the face i.e. nose, chin and forehead.
  • The makeup of the T-zone can quickly deteriorate due to sweat, so it is necessary to take care of this part of the face.
  • Now with the help of finger or makeup sponge, blend the primer well.
  • Let the primer sit for a while before applying further makeup.

2. Light Foundation

After the primer, now comes the turn of the foundation. According to experts, foundation should always be one or two shades lighter than the skin tone. This is because when bronzer is used for makeup, the foundation mixes completely in it and gives the perfect makeup look. Read below the right way to apply foundation.

How to apply foundation for makeup:

  • After applying the primer, now take foundation on your palm or wrist as needed.
  • Now with the help of finger, apply it dot-dot all over the face and neck.
  • Then with the help of a sponge, blend the foundation well.

3. Concealer

Like primer and foundation, concealer is also an important part of makeup. Concealer is used to hide dark circles, acne and blemishes on the face. For dry to combination skin, a liquid and normal to oily skin may use a cream-based concealer. Always choose a concealer one shade lighter than the foundation. Correct makeup requires the right amount of concealer. In such a situation, below we are giving information about applying concealer in the right way.

How to apply concealer:

  • To hide the dark circles under the eyes, first apply orange and yellow color corrector.
  • Apply the color corrector dot-dot on the dark circles and blend with the help of a makeup sponge.
  • Now according to the length of the dark circle, make a V-shape line from under the eyes to the cheeks with the concealer stick.
  • Then blend it with the help of a makeup sponge.
  • Keep in mind that not only apply concealer under the eyes, but also on the cheekbones, so that the makeup looks uniform.
  • Immediately after applying concealer, set with setting powder to prevent wrinkles.

4. Blush/Bronzer

Although not everyone uses blush or bronzer, but they are also an important part of makeup. Where bronzer can work to enhance facial features. Whereas blush can bring a refreshing glow to the face. Bronzer should always be one tone darker than the skin tone.

At the same time, talking about blush, for light skin tone, you can choose a light pink, peach or light coral blush. For dark complexion, you can choose dark pink, brownish red or bronze color. If you want, you can also take information about this from a beauty expert or a makeup expert in a cosmetic shop. Also, while buying bronzer and blush, you can try testing it on the skin. Bronzer and blusher can enhance makeup as well as shape the face. We are telling below how to apply blush / bronzer.

How to Apply Blush/Bronzer:

  • Take a makeup brush to apply bronzer first.
  • Then take bronzer as needed in the brush and brush off the extra bronzer with the brush.
  • Now apply a light bronzer on the cheekbones, forehead, jawline and T-zone.
  • Then blend the bronzer well with another brush.
  • Now take powder or cream blush in the blush brush.
  • Then apply blush lightly on the cheeks and forehead.
  • Always remember that while using blush on the cheeks, make a fish-like mouth i.e. suck the cheeks and lips inwards.
  • This will allow the blush to be applied properly.
  • After applying bronzer and blush, press the tissue paper lightly on the face to remove excess makeup.

5. Compact Powder

Using a compact powder can be a good option to set the makeup that is already done. It is one of the most used makeup products. It is lightweight and can be used to give light coverage to the face or to give a perfect finish to makeup. Also, it can help the makeup to last longer. Keep in mind that always use compact powder of the same color as your skin tone. Apply compact powder like this.

How to apply compact powder:

  • First of all, take compact powder as required in a blush brush or makeup sponge.
  • Dust off the extra powder and set it aside.
  • Now apply the remaining powder in a sponge or brush by patting it lightly on the face.

6. Eyeshadow

Now it’s time for the eye makeup. To make the eyes beautiful, it is necessary to use eyeshadow. There are two separate brushes for applying and blending eyeshadow. If you use a brush, you will be able to do clean makeup. It will not spread the makeup. You can use any color eyeshadow according to your dress. However, for simple makeup, the option of light or nude colored eyeshadow can be better.

How to Apply Eyeshadow:

  • First take the eyeshadow brush.
  • Now take the eyeshadow of your choice in it.
  • Scrub off excess eyeshadow brush before applying.
  • Now apply lighter eyeshadow in the inner corner and a little more in the outer corner above the eyes.

Note: Eyeshadow can be applied in many different ways depending on your makeup. The method described here is according to Simple Makeup.

7. Eyeliner

Eyeliner is a great makeup product to enhance the beauty of the eyes. If the eyes are small, then apply thin eyeliner and if you have big, then you can apply thick liner. The style of applying liner varies with the trend. If you are doing makeup for the first time, then apply thin eyeliner. Also, nowadays eye liners are also available in many different colors, so you can use the color that suits your choice and face.

How to apply eyeliner:

  • Shake the vial slightly before using the liner.
  • Now start applying the liner from the starting corner of the eye lid.
  • After that draw the line on the outside.
  • If it is difficult to apply liquid liner for the first time, then you can also apply liner with kajal.

8. Mascara

Eye makeup is incomplete without kajal. Nowadays, many colorful kajals have also come in the market. To give a smokey look to the eyes and to give a classy look to the makeup, brown or blue color kajal can be a good option. At the same time, black kajal is evergreen for a classic look. The method of applying kajal should also be right, only then the eye makeup will be seen blooming.

How to Apply Mascara:

  • Apply a layer of kajal from the inner corners of the eyes to the outer corners.
  • Then apply another layer to make the mascara last longer.
  • Keep in mind always buy smudge proof kajal.

9. Mascara

Just like mascara, mascara is also important. Usually a mascara brush also comes with the mascara. By applying this, the eyelashes start looking thick, long and beautiful. To make the eyelashes thick and long, some people also apply eyelashes separately. However, beginners in makeup should not do this. Make the original eyelashes beautiful by applying light mascara. At the same time, like kajal, it is also necessary to take care of the method of applying mascara. So here we are also giving information about how to apply mascara.

How to Apply Mascara:

  • First, apply mascara on the upper lashes from root to tip.
  • Then let it dry and apply it on the lower eyelids until the upper eyelids are dry.
  • The lower eyelashes are small, so apply a light mascara.
  • When the mascara dries, apply another coat.

10. Lipstick/Gloss

After the eyes, now it is the turn of the lip makeup. Lipstick is the most important part of makeup. Makeup completes with lipstick. However, beginners can use lip gloss instead of lipstick if they wish. For perfect lip makeup, the way of applying lipstick should be right. Lip liner can also be used to shape the lips. Lip liner can be applied a shade darker than the color of the lipstick you are applying or a similar shade. Beginners should use a light colored lipstick or gloss. Starting with light makeup is a better option for beginners.

How to apply lipstick/gloss:

  • First, make an outline for the lipstick on your lips with a lip liner.
  • Now apply whatever color lipstick you have selected according to your choice or occasion.
  • Start applying lipstick from the cupid bow ie the upper part of the lip.
  • Do not apply more than two coats of lipstick.
  • After applying the lipstick, remove the extra lipstick from the tissue paper.
  • To remove excess lipstick, simply press the tissue paper between your lips once.
  • On the other hand, if you are applying lip gloss, then you can apply lip gloss directly on the lips.

11. Makeup Setting Spray

Now to make your makeup last longer and to give a final touchup, definitely use a makeup setting spray. Keep in mind that this is the final process of applying makeup, which can be done to set makeup.

How to apply makeup setting spray:

  • Shake the bottle of makeup setting spray first.
  • Now take the bottle in your hand and keep it slightly away from the face.
  • Now close the eyes and spray the makeup spray on the face from a distance.
  • Allow the face to dry naturally after spraying.
  • At the same time, when you have a good practice of applying makeup, then you can spray the makeup setting spray in the shape of X and T.

Makeup Tips for Beginners

After explaining how to do simple makeup, now we are sharing some makeup tips. These tips are especially for those who are learning to do makeup. In such a situation, with the help of the makeup tips given here, making mistakes during makeup can be avoided to some extent. So these special easy makeup tricks are as follows:

What to do :

  • Always clean your face thoroughly before applying makeup. You can use mild face wash for this. Always remember before makeup it is necessary to remove impurities from the skin.
    You can also scrub the skin a day before applying makeup.
  • Do not forget to apply moisturizer on the face before applying makeup on the face. On the other hand, if you want to go out with makeup during the day, then do not forget to apply sunscreen.
  • Choosing the right makeup brush is essential for good makeup. In such a situation, you can shop for makeup brushes available from the market or online. Choose makeup brushes according to your convenience and makeup type.
  • Buy makeup products according to your skin type. Don’t forget to check the manufacture date and expiry date of the makeup products. Always use good quality makeup products.
  • Always use waterproof or smudge proof makeup products.
  • For starters, always opt for simple makeup. If you want to do makeup at home to go to a special event, then practice it beforehand. Remember doing makeup is also an art, which needs practice. So before doing makeup for the party, practice it.
  • It is necessary to make a base before makeup. You can use light foundation or BB-CC cream to make the base. Apply the foundation by mixing it well with a beauty blender. Then wait for a while so that the foundation is completely absorbed into your face. Avoid using heavy foundation.
  • Always use a makeup sponge to blend makeup.
  • If there is not a lot of spots on the face, then do not use concealer and even if you do, use a small amount. Concealer should be one tone lighter than your skin tone or foundation. Use concealer only where it is most needed.
  • Never over makeup. If the eye makeup is dark, then apply lipstick or gloss of light or nude shade on the lips. At the same time, if you like to apply dark lipstick, then keep the eye makeup light. In eye makeup, you can work with just mascara. Apart from this, smokey eyes makeup can be good with dark lipstick.
  • Now let’s talk about lipstick. Beginners should keep the color of the lipstick light. Even a light lipstick or gloss can add to your beauty.
  • Hairstyle also plays an important role in making makeup look more beautiful. Therefore, for the perfect makeup, pay attention to the hairstyle as well. Your hairstyle should match your look.
  • After a whole day, do not forget to remove makeup before sleeping at night. To remove makeup, you can use makeup remover, coconut oil or rose water available in the market.

Do not make these mistakes while doing makeup:

1. Do not wash face frequently

It is important to keep the face clean before applying makeup, but this does not mean washing the face again and again. By doing this the skin loses its moisture. So, avoid over-washing the face, washing the face only twice a day is enough.

2. Applying Makeup on Dry Face

Applying too much makeup on a dry face can be a big mistake. This can make the face look lifeless and tired instead of flushing. Apply a moisturizer to the dry face and normalize it first and do not use too much foundation. Also do simple makeup.

3. Pay Attention to Lighting When Applying Makeup

It is also necessary to have the right lighting for the makeup to be right. If there is not much light in the room, then makeup can be more or less. So always remember to have the right lighting in the makeup room.

4. Blending is necessary

It is very important to blend the makeup well on the face. The face looks natural only by blending. Use the right brush to blend and use the brush according to the shape of your face. Blending is an essential part of makeup. If using a makeup sponge, lightly pat the makeup into the skin.

5. Applying Concealer Incorrectly

Many times, beginners use too much concealer in one place to cover dark spots, while doing so should be avoided. Do not apply too much concealer on dark circles at once. You can use layering techniques. Blend it in with some concealer and let it dry, then reapply.

6. Using Too Much Foundation

Too much foundation can make your skin cakey. There can be cracks at some places in the makeup, which looks very bad in high light. In such a situation, it is better to apply a light foundation. You can also apply a mix of concealer and foundation. Apart from this, it is important to use the right shade of foundation. Do not use foundation lighter than your skin tone.

7. Eyebrow Shape

It is important to shape the eyebrows in makeup. Many beginners use pencils to shape the eyebrows. However, due to lack of practice, the shape of the eyebrows gets spoiled. Try to keep the eyebrows normal. If you still want to give shape, use a brush.

8. Don’t get hair cut

If you have to go to a function, do not take a hair cut immediately, but take it a few days or weeks before. Doing this will help the hair to set.

9. Don’t Experiment

Before the final makeup, once a few days before using lipstick, kajal, eyeliner, definitely check whether that color suits you or not. Do not experiment with any new color on the day of makeup.

10. Don’t Share Makeup

Makeup is a very personal thing. In such a situation, do not share the cosmetics or makeup products of your use with anyone else and do not use anyone else’s makeup materials. By doing this women can save themselves from skin related problems.

Must Have Makeup Pouch For Beginners

Be it beginners or long time makeup users, everyone must have a makeup pouch with them. With this women can fix their makeup anywhere and anytime. Keep face wash, moisturizer, hair brush, primer, foundation, BB cream, concealer, powder, two-three types of lipstick shades, mascara, mascara and lip gloss in the makeup pouch.

Beginners should have some basic knowledge before starting makeup. In this article, we have given many simple makeup tips for beginners. Along with this, it also told what things should be kept in mind while doing makeup. Doing makeup was not easy. Hopefully from this article, many women have now got to learn how to do makeup. In such a situation, by sharing this article as much as possible, tell everyone how to do makeup and make our hard work successful.

Frequently asked questions

Which makeup products should beginners buy?

A beginner should have moisturizer, hair brush, primer, foundation, BB cream, blush, eyeshadow, concealer, powder, 2-3 lipstick shades, mascara, kajal and lip gloss. Along with this, one should always buy good quality makeup products.

How can beginners do good makeup?

By the way, we have told many simple makeup tips in this article for beginners to do good makeup. However, if you want to learn how to do makeup in a better way, then you can practice doing makeup at home according to the methods mentioned here.

How can I learn to do makeup by myself?

Beginners should first start with light makeup. This article of ours can help you for light makeup. Also, you can watch tutorials or videos on youtube to learn makeup. Also, you can take a short course in doing makeup. There are many online classes available these days.

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Star anise, also known as star anise, is a dry garam masala similar to a dark brown star. As the name suggests, so is its shape. Its shape is like a star and its length is about 1 inch and it is divided into 8 to 10 segments, like a star. People from China and Ashila really like her. It is mainly used in South Indian cuisine. Along with this, it is used in all Chinese dishes because without it all Chinese dishes are incomplete.

A chemical called anethole is found in chakra flower or star anise, due to which it tastes like liquorice. Its taste is not only like liquorice, but it is also the father of liquorice in its qualities. Like liquorice, many medicinal properties are found in it. In this way, many antibacterial and antifungal properties are found in it. Vitamin B is also found in small amounts in it.

Along with this, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin C and many essential minerals and nutrients are found in it. This powder is easily available to us in any grocery shop. If you want to store it, then you can keep it in any air tight container so that it does not spoil quickly and you can use it for a long time. Let’s know about the benefits of star anise.

Benefits of Star Anise (Chakra Phul) 

  • You can get relief from cramps by massaging the chakra flower or star anise oil. Apart from this, you can get relief in joint pain or bone pain.
  • If you are suffering from cold, cold or throat pain, then star anise tea can prove to be very beneficial for you.
  • It is very beneficial for the woman who is breastfeeding.
  • If you have a wound or injury, star anise can be of great help to you as it has antiseptic properties.
  • If you are suffering from diseases like aging, anxiety or diabetes, then star anise gives you the strength to fight against these diseases.
  • If your mouth smells bad, then take chakra flower because its fragrance is very good.
  • Star anise is very beneficial in flu-like illness because it contains thymol, terpinel-like elements.
  • Provides relief from gas, constipation and all kinds of digestive problems.
  • This spice is used in making Pulab, Biryani etc.
  • Star anise is very beneficial in improving sex drive. It keeps you sexually healthy.
  • It is also added to many types of soups and is also used in making jam.

Star anise (Chakra Full) side effects

Star anise does not have any side effects, but it is very important to take care of its quantity.

In today’s post, you have learned about what is star anise (chakra full) and what are its benefits. I hope you have liked this post and if you liked this post, then share it with your friends and give your views in the comment box so that we can bring such best post among you in future also.

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Due to Corona, as we know, there is a very bad environment all around, due to which sorry shops are closed, due to which it can be a little difficult to take care of your skin, but where there are problems, it is also a solution. If you want to take care of your skin without cells or parlor even during Quarantine, then this blog can be helpful for you because in this blog you will be told about some tips mentioned by Malaika Arora so that you can take care of your skin. can do it at home.

Malaika said in the beginning of the live

Malaika said in the beginning of the live that everyone should use this time very sensibly. After his friend Sarvesh said that he is enjoying isolation. Malaika also said in response that in fact she is very fond of this isolation time. Malaika further said that in everyday life we ​​do not realize how much hectic life we ​​live.

She said that she is making good use of this time in cleaning the house and taking out the garbage. So in a way it is good. Along with this, she was also answering the questions of her fans. He also asked his fans to share his videos on social media. Tell others how they are making their time interesting. Malaika said that it is not necessary that you plan every single moment of your life. It is not always necessary that you take stress in planning one thing at a time.

Malaika while giving a message to her fans said that you people spend time thinking that tomorrow this has to be done, that has to be done. And in such a situation, you forget to enjoy that moment. Responding to a fan’s question, Malaika said that she finds yoga very good for fitness.

Apart from this, Malaika shared many of her videos. One of which is making Malabarian Vegetable Soup in the video. In it, he told that he loves to cook.

When she gets time, she definitely cooks for her family and friends. But it is very rare that they get this time. In such a situation, she is using this self-isolation time in a constructive way, by making delicious recipes.

He said that he learned this recipe from his mother and his friend Monica. He gave the message that everyone should stay at home and be safe. Malaika posted a video for her fitness freak fans doing a Suryanamaskar. His fitness partner is also in this video. He said that you can easily do this Suryanamaskar at home. So take some time for self care and self love

Malaika Arora maintains a wonderful glow even at the age of 45. She shares her fitness and beauty secrets with fans.

He said that beauty comes more from inside than from outside. So try to stay away from as much stress as possible. Meditate, live a balanced life

  1. Malaika said that all women clean their face well before sleeping, follow CTM means cleansing, toning, moisturizing.
  2. According to Malaika, do workouts at least thrice a week. Because it removes body toxins and makes the whole body glow along with the face.
  3. Apart from this, she also does yoga, according to her, yoga keeps her calm from inside.
  4. Malaika does makeup only when needed.
  5. Malaika starts the day with lukewarm water, in which she sometimes uses lemon.
  6. Malaika not only consumes beet juice to increase the glow of her skin, but also rubs it on her face and face.
  7. One particular element plays a big role in Malaika’s skin routine. And that is Aloe Vera, Malaika has told many times on her Insta profile that she uses Aloe Vera on her face several times a day.
  8. In her Insta post, Malaika also mentioned the beauty of her feet, she told that she uses brihansnaturalproduct products to keep the feet soft.
  9. In the end, Malaika said that because it is time to stayhome staysafe, she is taking out a lot of time for her beauty and fitness.

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