It is not easy to recover from the problem of heart attack, but once you cross the stage of heart attack, it is very important to make some changes in your lifestyle so that you can lead a healthy life, then in this blog basically about this topic. You are going to know how you can spend a healthy life after heart attack.

Take Your Medications Religiously

The cardiologist would prescribe certain medication to maintain a healthy heart post a heart attack. The patient should ensure to take them religiously as prescribed. These are essential drugs to keep your condition in check and prevent any follow up heart attack. Talk to your cardiologist to know the effect of each medication and prepare a list; the medicines should be carried along while traveling as well. Any alternatives should also be asked about, to address any shortages, if any.

Don’t Miss Follow-up Appointments

A quick way to check your recovery is to be holistic in attending the follow-up visit. The cardiologist will mark the patient’s progress and might suggest a modification to hasten the recovery process and ensure a healthy life after heart attack.

Cardiac Rehabilitation After Heart Attack

Cardiac rehabilitation, or CR, is an additional measure that helps in recovery and is a medically supervised program. Post discharge, the cardiologist will suggest a CR to the patient and it will continue during the recovery phase.

Lifestyle Changes

This would contribute essentially towards a non-medicine based recovery program and would need the patient to understand that healthy diet and active lifestyle can significantly reduce the chances of another heart attack. Eating low saturated fat diet and diet rich in fiber would help in less buildup of coronary plaques and cholesterol formation would also be less. Use of refined flours and processed foods should be totally avoided. Avoid too much consumption of sweet products and sugar.
Brisk walk for 20-45 minutes is highly advised. Smoking should be reduced significantly and alcohol consumption should be limited to ensure a healthy life after heart attack.

Overcome Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety post a heart attack is quite common; the feeling of having another heart attack might trouble the patient quite often and may lead him into depression. It is good to talk to a trusted heart specialist for seeking any advice based on it. Lot of these worries wean off with time and with the help of a professional counsellor. Support from family and friends can also help in relieving stress and anxiety. It is good for the patient to communicate openly to them as it will assist in comprehending his state of mind and then dealing with it effectively.

During pregnancy, every woman wants to be healthy and active, but it is very important for her to maintain mentally and physically so that she can stay fit during her pregnancy, so if you are also pregnant then you need to take care of some things that you Learn through this blog.

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Tips for a safe, healthy and happy pregnancy

1. Eat Well
It’s a myth that you have to eat for two when you are pregnant. You just have to eat consciously, your food must have all the nutrients like protein, calcium, iron, folate. You should have high fiber foods to avoid constipation. A folate rich diet is essential for baby’s proper development and helps to create red blood cells. Drink a plenty of water to avoid problems like dehydration and constipation. Eat four or five mini-meals instead of 3 full meals can help to maintain blood sugar level in your body.

2. Take Prenatal Supplements
It’s a good practice to start taking prenatal supplements when you are trying to conceive. Prenatal supplements contain essential nutrients like folic acid, iron, calcium. If you are taking sufficient amount of folic acid, it reduces the risk of neural tube birth defect in your baby. Prenatal supplements are easily available over the counter. You can also get the proper dose prescription from your gynecologist.

3. Sleep Well
It is important to have sufficient sleep during pregnancy. Inadequate sleep can put negative impact on your pregnancy. When you are taking proper rest then your body gets energy to take care of a new life in a better way.
It is recommended to sleep on your left side and knees bend a little when pregnant. This position put less pressure on womb carrying the fetus. Lying on your left side also increases the blood flow to the placenta. Sleeping in this position will really help you in your second and third trimester when baby gets bigger in size.

4. Exercise regularly
Exercise plays a vital role in healthy pregnancy & delivery. Good exercise helps you to cope with pregnancy pains and keep you active. Regular exercise will help to control birth weight, blood circulation, mood swings and give relief from body ache, nausea and constipation.
You can do light exercise, 30-minute walk daily or do some yoga which is good in pregnancy. But don’t push yourself hard to do exercise if you are not feeling comfortable. Talk to your gynecologist before starting exercise to ensure that your medical conditions are good to do exercise.

5. Find the right Practitioner
First thing which you need to get ensure once you are pregnant is to find a good gynecologist. Find a gynecologist who is near your locality, mature, experienced and friendly in nature. A good practitioner helps you to go through these 9 months of pregnancy joyfully.

6. No smoking
Stop smoking immediately once you get news that you are pregnant. Pregnant woman who continues to smoke is actually putting her fetus at risk. You are passing nicotine & carbon monoxide to your baby in the womb.
Smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of:
– Premature delivery
– Miscarriage
– Low birth weight
– Baby born with some disabilities
If you are planning to conceive or already pregnant then you should live a healthy lifestyle by quitting smoking. if you’re not a smoker, stay away from other smokers too.

7. Say No to Alcohol or Drugs
If you are pregnant or trying to conceive then you should stop alcohol intake in your diet. According to AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) recommends that pregnant woman should not drink alcohol in any amount.
Having alcohol by pregnant women may increase the risk of miscarriage or birth defects. So, if you want to enjoy risk free, healthy pregnancy then stop alcohol intake.

8. Support System
During pregnancy, you go through physical, emotional and mental changes. You need the people who can help you in staying healthy. Surround yourself with people with whom you can share your thoughts and feelings.
For a healthy pregnancy, you must be emotionally and mentally healthy. Your support system could include your family, your in-laws, your friends, your partner, your doctor or midwife. Ask for help whenever you need.

9. Cut off Caffeine
High doses of caffeine can increase the risk of miscarriage. Pregnant women should limit her caffeine intake of less than 200 mg per day. Caffeine is a stimulant which can increase heart rate and blood pressure of pregnant women. Caffeine can also cause heartburn and gas acid problem.
Foods which you need to cut-down because of caffeine are coffee, tea, soft drinks, energy drinks, chocolate.

10. Go Green
You must take care of your health and keep it protected from external environment too. Avoid exposure to toxic chemicals, keep yourself away from cat litter. Stop using chemical products and try to use organic products. Organic foods are healthy choice for a to be mom. Wash all the fruits and vegetables before use to remove the pesticides. You should stay in a calm and clean place to avoid any kind of contact with bacteria.

To keep your lifestyle good, just as money is important, health is also important and the most important point to stay healthy always is that of diet, most people consume different types of things to stay healthy but they If you are not able to eat it for a long time or on a daily basis, then in this blog we are going to talk about some such foods which you can consume daily to maintain your health.

Healthy Foods To Eat Everyday

  • Cauliflower – Though broccoli the relative gets all the attention when it comes to being healthy, if we talk about being healthy and nutritious, then cauliflower is considered to be a good source of Vitamin C and fibre. It also has a natural plant chemical called sulforaphane that may hold promise against cancer.

foods to eat everyday, list of healthy foods to eat everyday

  • Sardines – If you are a fish lover and looking for a healthy option to include in your diet, then these small fish have big nutritional value. They are a great source of good-for-you omega-3 fatty acids. They are also rich in vitamin D, and calcium’s partner for bone strength.

foods to eat everyday, list of healthy foods to eat everyday

  • Tempeh – It’s time to ditch the special tofu, and replace it with Tempeh. It is made from soybeans and is also packed with nutrients like protein, potassium and calcium.

foods to eat everyday, list of healthy foods to eat everyday

  • Beats – The brightly colored root vegetable looks rough on the outside but is softer and sweeter once you cook it. Beets are high in antioxidants, which may help protect against cancer (Beat cancer) and other chronic diseases. Plus, their juice, which is rich in nitrates, has been found to lower blood pressure and increase blood flow to the brain. Beats help in improving the performance of athletes who snack on them.

foods to eat everyday, list of healthy foods to eat everyday

  • Lentils – Though they are not as popular as beans, they are just as healthy as them. They are not required to be soaked before you cook them. You can also use them as a substitute for meat in soups or stews, and you will get a hearty boost of protein and fiber for a lot less fat.

foods to eat everyday, list of healthy foods to eat everyday

  • Kefir – Fermented milk is one of the most demanded food items from the list of healthy foods to eat everyday. It is a dietary staple and is high in good bacteria called probiotics. It is also being studied for its anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects that are known to be healthier than many other drinks.

foods to eat everyday, list of healthy foods to eat everyday

  • Prunes – Last on the healthy foods to eat everyday list, Prunes help to keep your digestion regular and are also high in antioxidants and fibre. A quarter-cup has 104 calories and 12% fiber that you need every day. You can eat them as it is, chop them up and add them to muffins or other baked goods, or include them in smoothies, cereals, sauces or stews.

foods to eat everyday, list of healthy foods to eat everyday

So, now that you know the list of healthy foods to eat everyday, it’s time to get started with a healthy diet routine and invest in eating healthy. Make your everyday a complete dose of health and nutrition in every way you can or let’s say, start with these 7 healthy foods to eat everyday.

Who does not want healthy skin, for an attractive personality, healthy skin plays a very important role, most of the people adopt many remedies to take care of their skin, such as using skin creams or using different types of cosmetics etc. But do you know that to keep the skin healthy, you also need to avoid those things which may be harmful for your skin.

In this blog we are basically going to know about those things which you should avoid to take care of your skin.

Things To Avoid To Get Healthy Skin

  • Stepping out without sun protection
  • Avoiding moisturizer
  • No night skincare routine
  • Touching face constantly
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Stress and hectic work on screens
  • Sleeping with makeup on
  • Eating junk food
  • Unhygienic makeup brushes

These 9 habits are just not acceptable in the world of healthy skincare regime.

#1. Stepping out without sun protection; UV rays are ready to beat you up!

avoid to get healthy skin

Soaking up the sun rays for longer hours without any protection can cost you free radical attack on skin. Many of you well know that the sun emits very harmful rays, which cause the generation of free radicals in the skin.

Howbeit, do you aware that these not only damage the healthy skin cells but also start to cause further destruction such as collagen and elastin breakage and lipids deprivation with high melanin production. All these make the base of wrinkles, dry and uneven skin. Therefore, protection against the sun is very important.

What stuff is to add in a skincare routine?

  • First and foremost thing is sunscreen. Sunscreen with SPF 30/50 and PA factor is the best attire to wear on the skin that keeps most of the sun rays away and aids in skin protection.
  • Besides, Don’t forget to cover your face and eyes when going in the sun. This helps in hindering the direct contact of sun and skin.

#2. Avoiding moisturizer, dryness is waiting just next to you!

avoid to get healthy skin

In people, there is the biggest misconception behind applying of moisturization. Many think that moisturizer is only for people with dry skin texture. People with oily skin don’t need this at all as their skin are oily enough. However, this is not true. Undoubtedly, the major role of moisturizer is to moisten the skin but these days moisturizers are not constrained to this only. It also helps to maintain our skin lipid and collagen levels.

Moreover, if people with oily skin think the usage of moisturizers makes their skin more oily, then no worries. These days there are specialized moisturizers that are made as per the needs of skin types, which don’t make your skin too oily or too dry. It balances and maintains the exact skin hydration with being tacky or oily.

So, everyone without worrying of skin type must use suitable moisturizer.

#3. No night skincare routine; be ready for breakouts and wrinkles

avoid to get healthy skin

How many think that just cleansing the face is enough night skincare regimen to get healthy skin?

If you really think so, then you are mistaken. Entire the day, our skin comes in contact with various environmental aggressors such as pollutants, sun rays, and blue rays. All these factors together create extreme devastation deep down in the skin. This why the proper routine of taking care of skin in the night is very important.

The very first thing important as a night skin care regimen and getting huge fame these days is Derma Essentia Vitamin C Serum. Face serums are those innovative formulations that contain the concentrated amount of active ingredients and there is nothing better than the face serum rich in vitamin C.

On whole, vitamin C serum significantly counteracts the free radicals, thereby improves skin firmness, reduces darkness, unevenness and creases. All these you can’t achieve in one day, one week or one month. As we constantly face the factors that cause such skin problems, therefore, adopt vitamin C serum as your lifetime skincare routine, only then you will be able to get flawless skin for always.

This is one of a great deal.

Another thing to consider in a night care routine is cleansing and exfoliation. To remove dead skin and excess oil, these two things are a must. Make sure if your skin is a little sensitive or dry, then do exfoliate a little less and try to go for mild exfoliators.

So, start your night care by cleansing your face, afterwards do exfoliation, and apply vitamin C serum in the end. You will start a significant change approximately after one or two months.

#4. Touching face constantly; germs getting their way to your skin!

avoid to get healthy skin

Some of you have a very weird habit of touching face again and again. This habit is not good for your skin health.

Your hands are those body parts which come in contact with germs very frequently. It can be anytime, while using the phone, picking pen, pencil, or while typing on a keyboard. All these enhance the frequency of contact between hand and germs.

Thereby avoiding doing this nasty habit.

#5. Sedentary lifestyle; preparing an environment for tedious and lifeless skin

Now you must be thinking about the importance of this point. But sedentary life has a huge impact on our skin.

Sitting all the time with no physical activity along with improper eating habits make your body unhealthy. All these cause no proper oxygen circulation throughout the body, the body does not get detoxify properly and all leads to dull and dead skin. Therefore, for fit body and skin, physical activity is very important.

On the other side, just by giving an hour to exercise and yoga, your skin starts getting its glow and spirit. So, do anything; Cardio, aerobics, dance, zumba or simple walk every day for an hour but must spend your time in physical activity.

#6. Stress and hectic work on screens, welcome dark circles!

These days, everyone have hectic work schedules. This exerts great stress on eyes and start to cause drought and dark skin around the eyes, which we know as dark circles. So, just try to avoid stress as much as possible.

For that:

  1. Must wear anti-glare spectacles, as it protects your eyes from harmful rays and stress.
  2. Take breaks from continuously looking at the screen after every 20 to 30 minutes.
  3. Wash eyes if you feel too much strain.

Go for these three tricks and see the difference.

#7. Sleeping with makeup on, inviting aging skin!

Do you love to wear makeup? If yes, then must take care that at the end of the day, don’t forget to remove makeup.

The cosmetics and beauty products we used are not untouched of chemicals. Their long term stay on skin can harm. Furthermore, layer of makeup can clog the pores, can irritate the skin and may lead to acne breakouts or blackheads

So, don’t even think to sleep with the makeup on.

#8. Eating junk food; zero nourishment from inside

Junk, fast and fried foods are the foods to avoid. If you have started doing all the above mentioned, but still having these foods on a regular basis, all your hard work will go in vain. Because, our eating habits are the base of a healthy body and skin and if that base is not intact and sound, your outer appearance also gets no charm and beauty.

Such bad foods have high sugar levels, high glycemic index along with high fat. All these lead to cause free radicals and toxins in the body. Therefore, replace these foods with green and colored vegetables, fruits, crucified vegetables, and spices.

Lastly, Don’t forget to consume at least 8 glasses of water every day, because it helps to clean your body and remove toxins.

#9. Unhygienic makeup brushes; makes a home for unhealthy bacteria!

Believe or not, using dirty makeup brushes also affect your skin. It may cause breakouts and other infections on continual usage of such brushes. So, must take care of washing your makeup brushes.

Take Away

All these 9 practices can be avoided to get healthy skin. We do many things to keep our body fit and fine, the same we have to do for our skin because healthy skin comes at the cost of lots of toil and moil. Work on these 9 things and see an ecstatic change in your skin.

With increasing age, we have to take care of our health even more like maintaining our diet, including workouts in our routine etc. But do you know that the way we work on our muscles and legs, in the same way, our feet should be taken care of. It is also important to keep healthy, which in this blog we are going to know which steps you can follow to keep your feet healthy.

1. Beware of Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot is basically a case of fungal infection wherein the effect is maximum in warm and moist places such as between toes and on the soles and it often results in itchy and cracked skin often leading to bleeding. While you can cure it with a simple over the counter medication we all know that prevention is better than cure. Therefore some of the steps that you can take for avoiding the athlete’s foot include trying to keep your feet as clean and dry as possible. You can also use a antifungal powder on your legs every now and then.

In addition to all this try and have at least two pairs of shoes so you may not have to repeat them and can wear them only once they are dry, this is true especially in the case of sports shoes the ones which you use for gym or jogging.

2. Avoid Blisters

Blisters are caused by the continuous friction of the skin of the feet against the shoes. The liquid-filled blisters should be allowed to heal naturally by covering them with a sterile gauze pad. One can avoid blisters quite easily either by trying to not wear shoes for long durations and we understand that may not be possible for everyone in which case always have good soft socks on to protect your feet. It also goes without saying that you should always wear good quality footwear only.

3. Getting rid of corns

Corns not unlike calluses are caused due to friction on cramped toes. Normally hard corns are found on top of the toes and the soft cons are found on between toes. You can prevent corns quite easily by getting yourself some good quality comfortable shoes. However, if you do get the corn you can treat them by yourself by soaking them in warm water every day and by rubbing the built-up skin with a pumice stone

4. Ways to Prevent Hammertoes

This is a condition that afflicts more women than men. Hammertoe refers to a situation wherein a deformity is developed between the second, third and fourth toe. This situation primarily results from wearing high heels regularly. Hence the women should wear high heels to a minimum as while it may be prevented using pads if the situation gets worse surgery may seem to be the only option. You can also get yourself a foot massager on rent so that after you wear high heels you can allow your feet to relax and resume its normal position.

So now that you are fully aware of why it’s necessary to have healthy feet do ensure to follow the above-mentioned tips and tricks and to take care of your feet because unlike the treadmill for rent you cannot replace them if damaged.

Having good sleep is very important for a good health and almost everyone will know this, but as we know that in today’s time, problems like stress or tension have increased a lot in everyone’s life, due to which We keep thinking about those things many times in the night and then we can not sleep or there may be some other reasons for not sleeping like physical disorder etc.

Most of the people start taking sleeping medicine to get good sleep, but this method is absolutely wrong and those medicines are very harmful for your body, so basically in this blog we are going to know about 7 Best Natural Ways. You can get good sleep that too without consuming any kind of medicine.

  1. Avoid blue light before bed

Blue light is emitted by computer or mobile phone screens, and exposure to it has a proven negative impact on the success of your sleep. With the constant barrage of news and events, it’s easy to become addicted to your personal devices, but that hour of scrolling you do to ‘wind down’ before bed is causing you to be a lot more restless throughout the night. You can improve your night sleep, for free, by spending the last hour before bed away from your screens.

  1. Try using essential oils

By using essential oils, such as the ones on offer from Kumi Oils, you can help your body relax and prepare to rest. Exposing yourself to the calming scents of vanilla or lavender can really encourage your body to want to sleep. These are best used when you feel your bedtime approaching but do not feel ready to rest. Instead of staying up later and having a shorter rest, try using essential oils to bring out your tiredness. The more you do this, the more effective it should become.

  1. Try night-time yoga

Yoga is truly an excellent exercise that is continuing to grow in popularity. The reason for its popularity is its many applications and benefits. Footballers and Boxers use Yoga poses to build core strength, while others use Hot Yoga as a weight-loss tool. Night-time Yoga is a counterpart to morning Yoga. Whereas Morning Yoga is focused on preparing your body for the challenges of the day, Night-time Yoga is about working out the strains of the day. Here are some simple poses to try before you go to bed.

  1. Build a daily schedule and stick to it

Building a daily schedule is a fantastic idea for many reasons. You can keep better track of your responsibilities, manage your time more efficiently, and it will also improve your sleep. Bedtimes are not just for children; giving yourself and bedtime and sticking to it will have a tangible effect on how well you can sleep and the quality of your rest.

  1. Monitor your exposure to light

Light exposure allows our body to create a sleep-wake cycle and has been proven to assist individuals with insomnia. By spending more time in natural sunlight during the early morning and daytime, your body will release more melatonin at night, to aid with sleep. If you work indoors, try opening up your windows as much as possible. In some cases, you might even consider getting a therapy box that can simulate natural light. Trust us when we say it can make a huge difference.

  1. Take into consideration what you eat and drink

What you eat during the day can significantly impact your sleeping habits, so try your best to monitor what you are putting into your body. Certain stimulates such as nicotine, alcohol, and caffeine can cause severe disruptions to your cycle. It would be best if you also avoided large meals and sugary treats before bed, as this can pull you out of your deep sleep.

If you do find that you are getting hungry at night, opt for appropriate bedtime snacks, such as milk, bananas, or yogurt.

  1. Change your sleeping environment

Sometimes one of the main reasons we can’t sleep is because we are uncomfortable. By making a few little changes, you might be able to fall asleep much easier. New bedding can make a huge difference, and you should also make sure the temperature is cool so that you don’t overheat in the night. If loud noises keep you awake, try earplugs or a white noise machine.

So, there we have seven natural and simple ways to help you sleep better during these strange and unprecedented times. However, it is important to remember that everybody is different, and certain life changes can affect what will assist you. What works for some might not work for others. So, make sure you trial these options until you find the perfect thing. Good luck!