Countless benefits of fenugreek seeds 

You must have heard many benefits of fenugreek seeds, but do you know about its disadvantages, as we all know that everything has some advantages as well as disadvantages, so in this blog we will discuss the benefits of fenugreek seeds and know about both the disadvantages

1. Relief from burning sensation in the body

You can remove the burning sensation of the body by using fenugreek seeds in different ways.

  • Make a paste by grinding fenugreek seeds with water and apply it wherever there is burning sensation, it will get relief from burning.
  • You put water in a cup and put four spoons of fenugreek in it and soak it at night and drink it on an empty stomach in the morning.

2. Very beneficial for hair

Fenugreek is rich in protein, so it can overcome the problems related to hair. By using this hair will become thick, dandruff will end and hair fall will also stop. With its regular use, the speed of hair growth also increases. Fenugreek contains lecithin which conditions the hair.

  • Put coconut milk in a bowl and add 2 teaspoons of fenugreek powder to it. Apply this paste on the hair and wash it after 30 minutes. Apply this paste once a week.

3. Beneficial in controlling diabetes

Fenugreek in hindi, Fenugreek seeds contain hypoglycemic element which does not allow the sugar level to rise. It also contains carbohydrates and fiber, which protect against the damage caused by sugar.

Those whose sugar level remains high, they must consume fenugreek seeds, but after consulting their doctor, because fenugreek seeds can reduce the level of sugar significantly.

  • Put 1 teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in 1 glass of water at night and soak it. The next day on an empty stomach drink its water after filtering it and chew the fenugreek seeds well and eat it.

4. Helps in increasing breast milk

Those mothers who give milk to their children should take fenugreek seeds. Fenugreek seeds contain galactagogues, due to which more milk is produced in the breast and the stomach of the child is well filled and his weight will also increase properly.

If the child sees the problem of diarrhea, then stop the consumption of fenugreek seeds. The mother also benefits from this. The weight gained during pregnancy also starts decreasing and if there is any pain in the body then it also gets cured.

5. Beneficial in lowering cholesterol

According to experts, fenugreek seeds can reduce LDL cholesterol, this type of cholesterol is not considered good.

  • Grind fenugreek seeds and sprinkle a little in it whenever you eat food.
  • You can also drink it by mixing it in water.

6. Beneficial for the Heart

Fenugreek seeds contain anti-oxidant element which helps in making the heart healthy. Due to its consumption, the circulation of blood is correct, due to which no blood clot is formed. Apart from this, the consumption of fenugreek seeds also controls blood pressure.

  • To keep the heart healthy, drink fenugreek tea. To make fenugreek seed tea, put fenugreek seeds in 2 cups of water and bring it to a boil. Now filter it and drink it by adding honey to it for sweetness.

7. Relief from Constipation

It contains fiber which is soluble and relieves constipation. If there is pain or burning in the stomach due to indigestion, then taking fenugreek seeds is beneficial. for this you benefits of drinking fenugreek water can lift.

  • For easy bowel movement in the morning, mix 1/2 teaspoon of fenugreek powder with about 1 glass of hot water and drink it at bedtime. Keep in mind that this method should not be used for small children.

8. Rest From Cold

Fenugreek seeds are anti-oxidant and anti-viral, due to which it has the ability to fight cold, flu and other diseases.

  • Mix one spoon of raw honey, fenugreek powder and a little lemon juice in a bowl and lick it twice a day, you will get relief.
  • Drinking fenugreek tea will also bring relief.
  • A sore throat will be cured by gargling with fenugreek tea.

9. Improve Menstrual Irregularity

Fenugreek seeds contain estrogen, so its consumption provides relief from problems related to menstruation like abdominal pain, headache, fatigue etc.

  • Drink fenugreek tea.

10. Joint Pain Relief

Fenugreek seeds contain diosgenin, which relieves joint pain caused by arthritis. Due to the presence of calcium, iron and phosphorus in it, bones get nourishment and they become strong.

There are not only benefits from fenugreek but Fenugreek Seeds Side Effects are also responsible for

Side Effects of Fenugreek

  • Consumption of too much fenugreek causes diarrhea.
  • Before use on the skin, try applying a little paste on the skin of the hand, if there is any irritation, rash or allergy, do not use it.
  • The use of fenugreek seeds is harmful for pregnant women.
  • If any disease is being treated, consult a doctor before using fenugreek seeds.
  • Excessive consumption of fenugreek seeds can cause heartburn.
  • There may be a foul smell in the urine.
  • There may be gas in the stomach.

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