Often during winter the color of our lips gets faded and they start cracking, but is there any such option from which the lips can be moisturized and its color can also emerge, then you can use lip glosses which Can play the role of both lipstick and lip balm.

However, many varieties are available to you in the market, but in this blog, we come to you with the best selected varieties, with which you can surely go without any doubt.

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Now know about the names of the best brands of lip gloss in India and their lip gloss.

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1. Nix (NYX) Professional Makeup Butter Lip Gloss

Nix Professional is a well-known name in the world of cosmetics. Made by them, this lip gloss can be a good option for getting light or medium coverage. Along with this, Nixka also says that it is made with a lightweight formula, due to which it does not feel heavy on the lips after applying it. Plus, it’s non-sticky and can help keep your lips soft and supple. This sweet-smelling lip gloss is not very expensive and is available in 24 shades.

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2. Incolor Matte Me Waterproof Ultra Smooth Long Lasting Lip Gloss

Along with moisturizing the lips, a lip gloss is like icing on the gold if it gives them plenty of color too. One such product is Incolor Matte Me Waterproof Lip Gloss, which is available in great matte shades to moisturize and moisturize lips. According to the company, it is made from a weightless formula, which stays on your lips for about eight hours. Its texture is quite thick, due to which it can be used without lipstick.

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3. Revlon super lustrous lip gloss

The Super Lustrous Lip Gloss made by Revlon can be included in the list of best lip glosses. It is said that it is a non-sticky lip gloss, due to which it does not make the lips sticky and keeps them shiny. Its manufacturer claims that it has antioxidant properties and has been made using natural products like agave, moringa oil and cupuacu butter, which can work to provide rich moisture to the lips. From its 12 best colors, you can choose the shade as per your choice.

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4. Bonne Bell Lip Smoker Coca-Cola Pack Lip Glosses

You might be surprised to know that a product of the Coca-Cola Company is also the Bonne Bell Lip Smoker Lip Gloss. With a luscious fruity scent, this lip gloss is available in eight different flavors that can be used by kids over the age of six. Looking at the customer reviews of this product, it can act as a great lip balm. It can help to give a light pink tint and moisture to the lips, although some people may find it expensive.

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5. Lakme Absolute Plump & Shine Lip Gloss

When it comes to the best lip gloss and the name of Lakme Absolute Plump and Shine Lip Gloss does not come up, it cannot happen. This lip gloss is believed to be made with shine pigments, due to which it adds a slight shine to the color and gloss. The special thing about this lip gloss is that it gives more gloss than color, due to which the lips look very beautiful. Apart from this, it is also tested by dermatologists.

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6. Fenty Beauty By Rihanna Gloss Balm Universal Lip Luminizer

One of the best lip glosses is called Fenty Beauty Gloss Balm. Coming in a very beautiful packaging, this lip gloss can help in giving the best shine to your lips. Talking about the shade, it is available in Rose Gold and its fragrance is very rich. According to the manufacturer, it is a lightweight, non-sticky lip gloss and can keep your lips moist and soft. If you want, you can apply it on top of lipstick or even alone.

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7. Lakme Lip Gloss

It is said about this product of Lakme that only a small amount of it can work to give more shine. This lip gloss from Lakme is available in three different flavours. It can help keep your lips soft, moist and shiny. One of the reasons to buy this lip gloss is that it is completely travel friendly since it comes in a tube.

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8. Baromet Metallic Mermaid Lip Gloss

According to the manufacturer, this lip gloss containing Vitamin-E and essential oils can help in keeping the lips soft and supple. It is available in seven different shades and gives a glossy look to the lips. Plus it blends easily, whether applied directly to the lips or used over lipstick.

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We hope that through this article, you have got the necessary information about the best brands of lip gloss in India. You do not need to think about your skin type or other such things while buying lip gloss. Considering lip gloss shades, just see if that lip gloss looks good on your skin tone. If yes, then understand that you have found the best lipgloss for you, which you can use everyday. Hope this information helps you in choosing the best lip gloss. Keep reading Stylecrase to know about more such products.

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