You must have heard that when a woman is pregnant, she is fed saffron so that the child’s complexion is fair. From this it can be guessed that how many benefits are there of saffron.Many people use different types of creams to make their skin glow but they do not get the same effective results which are in Ayurvedic and Natural Remedies.

Basically in this blog we are going to talk about the skin benefits of saffron, which you must know if you take more care of your skin.

Saffron brightens the complexion.

  1. For this, you make a face pack by mixing saffron, milk and olive oil. You can also take coconut oil instead of olive oil. Leave this pack on your face till it dries and wash off with fresh water after 20 minutes. Use it for at least three days in a week.
  2. To avoid sun tanning when you go out, mix some saffron strands with milk cream and leave it overnight. The next day, apply it on the part of the skin on which there is tanning.
  3. Take raw milk, mix pure sandalwood powder in it and prepare a paste. Make sure that the sandalwood powder is pure. So take it from a place of trust. Now put some saffron strands in it. Apply this pack on your face, when it dries, wash your face with water. Use this treatment once a week.
  4. Saffron has natural anti-bacterial and exfoliating ingredients. In addition, papaya contains vitamins and antioxidants. So if you make a pack by mixing these two, then the skin will get complete nutrition. You can also use milk and honey together to make this pack. Apply this pack for 10-15 minutes and wash it with cold water.
  5. Anti-bacterial elements found in saffron, combined with basil can eliminate pimples and acne. For this, you take some saffron strands, grind them with basil leaves. Leave it on the face till it dries and then wash it off.
  6. If you want to bring back the glow of the face without much hassle, then follow these easy steps. Put some saffron strands in 2 spoons of honey and apply it on the face and let it dry. After drying wash the face with fresh water.
  7. Even if you have dry skin, saffron is beneficial for you. If you want to clean dry skin as well as soften it well, then follow this method. Lemon has cleansing and bleaching properties, so you can mix some strands of saffron in the juice of one lemon. Add a few drops of milk together. so as not to cause irritation. Do not keep this pack, apply it as soon as it is made and wash it after 20 minutes.
  8. Saffron can also be used as a toner. For this, mix saffron and rose water in a spray bottle and keep it. After cleansing at night, spray it on the face with this spray bottle. Your skin will glow in no time.
  9. Saffron is the best to look young, use a face pack made of saffron, honey and almonds twice a week. This will remove the fine lines made on the face. First, soak almonds in water overnight and then make a paste of it. Now add saffron strands to this paste, along with honey can also be added. Apply this pack on the face and neck, by applying this pack, the problem of wrinkles will start to go away within a few days.
  10. For oily skin, use saffron strands mixed with rose water, for dry skin, use saffron mixed with raw milk. In the winter season, mixing saffron in milk and applying it on the face retains moisture in the skin, as well as enhances the complexion. You can apply this face pack everyday or twice a week.
  11. There is a big problem of oily skin, acne. Acne can be caused due to hormonal imbalance, pollution and many more. The reason for this is that the open pores of the facial skin get filled with dirt. If you soak some strands of saffron in rose water, then in the morning take multani mitti according to your face.

Make a paste by mixing this rose water in multani mitti along with saffron fibers. Apply this paste on the face, if your skin is T-zone, then apply a pack of multani rose water in the oily part, and raw milk, saffron and multani in the dry part. Wash it after drying, by doing this you will get rid of pimples by closing the open pores.