There is no need to tell anyone what is the importance of air i.e. oxygen in our life, as we know that we cannot live at all without oxygen or air, our body takes oxygen about 20 thousand times a day. And it is believed that without it we can survive only 4 to 6 minutes.

But as we know that with the way the country is developing, problems like pollution are also increasing in the country and the most common pollution among them is air pollution, due to which breathing in fresh air has become very difficult. Is.

There are many reasons for air pollution, but in this blog we are going to know about some such reasons due to which air pollution increases very fast.

Reasons for Poor Air Quality

  • Due to lack of proper drainage system
  • industrial smoke
  • car smoke
  • Use of hazardous chemicals in agriculture
  • deforestation
  • felling of trees

Problems due to Air Pollution

  • having respiratory diseases
  • Vomiting, suffocation, headache etc.
  • burning eyes
  • decrease in the production capacity of the land
  • having asthma
  • The ozone circle works to block the harmful rays coming from space, but due to air pollution, it is natural to have holes in it, which can increase skin diseases and can lead to dangerous diseases like skin cancer.
  • Decreased oxygen level in the atmosphere causing difficulty in breathing

13 Tips to Prevent Air Pollution

  1. Factories should be set up away from the city.
  2. Such a technique should be used so that most of the smoke is absorbed and the gases do not get into the air in large quantities.
  3. Meaningful efforts should be made to stop population growth.
  4. To stop the process of urbanization, industries and means of employment should be established in the villages.
  5. The smoke emanating from the fuel in the vehicles will have to be adjusted in such a way that the least amount of smoke comes out of the vehicles.
  6. Deforestation has to be stopped because trees and plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Oxygen is very important for us. In such a situation, if forests are cut, then it can prove to be dangerous for our life.
  7. Efforts will have to be made with tree plantation and steps will have to be taken in this direction.
  8. Sewerage should be everywhere for the removal of waste materials in cities.
  9. Make a habit of throwing garbage in the garbage can.
  10. Do not burn plastic as it causes more pollution.
  11. The young generation will have to be informed about how nature can be kept clean. Tell them about the importance of tree plantation.
  12. Give information to people about air pollution. Explain its disadvantages and make them aware about it.
  13. Make people aware to plant plants in every house.