Becoming a mother is a very important role in the life of women, which they are able to play well, but even before pregnancy, it is very important for them to take care of some things and the most important thing that they should ask themselves is that they are true before pregnancy. I am ready for this or not, but it can be a little difficult to guess.

Basically the topic of this blog is going to be that before pregnancy, how to find out whether the body is ready for it or not.

Visit your Physician:

Once you plan to have a child, make a visit to the best gynecologist and share the same. The general physician would carry out few routine tests to evaluate your current state of health and look for health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes or asthma. The doctor would also check your immunization status and look for a status update for many preventable, like chicken-pox, German measles and hepatitis B. These are important to be scanned since they can cause severe issues like miscarriages or birth defects, if ignored and not immunized against them. The doctor would also screen you for sexually transmitted diseases like hepatitis B, Chlamydia, syphilis and HIV.

Apart from disease, if you have taken contraceptive measures prior to having a baby, you should discuss the same with your gynecologist. The doctor would also suggest an intake of few supplements like folic acid to ensure fewer chances of having nervous congenital birth defects in the child.

Eat Healthy:


This is the essence of raising a healthy child and a safe pregnancy. Incorporate foods that are highly nutritious for your body and can make up for your increased nutritional needs. What you eat should be rich in nutrients and help the baby grow well. While there are no fixed guidelines for eating better, make sure your diet is rich in organic vegetables and fruits. Eat foods that are full of fiber and avoid refined, processed foods or the ones that are high on artificial sweeteners. Include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet and drink lots of water. Avoid colas, juices and other beverages that are only calorie rich.

Mind your Weight:

Lose weight after Diwal - detox after diwali

Being significantly overweight or underweight can reduce your fertility, as well increasing the chances of complications when you do become pregnant. Furthermore, remember to detoxify; it is good to give up smoking and drinking to reduce chances of miscarriage, birth defects and low-birth-weight children.

Practice Meditation:


Stress and lack of sleep affect the ability of women to get pregnant. If you are in high profile job constantly under the scanner, it is time you consider moving to a low profile job. Use of calming techniques like meditation is really helpful.



Exercise not only works on the body but mind; it helps you achieve an active metabolism, keep weight under check and release stress-busting hormones that help you get good sleep and keep stress at bay. It promotes circulation and helps in detoxifying by removal of toxins in sweat. So maintaining an active routine is a must. You can stick to 45 min brisk walking for 4-5 days a week.

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