Back pain is one of the most common problems, which can be due to many reasons, such as working too much or sleeping incorrectly, etc. However, this problem is mostly seen in women, although to get relief from it. There are many ways of doing workouts or using medicines, but apart from all these, in this blog we are going to talk about home remedies which can be helpful in getting relief from your back pain.

Pain Affected Area

Friends, the parts of the waist which affect the pain can be divided into three parts which are as follows:-

1. Lower waist pain- Pain affecting the spine and surrounding areas such as the buttocks, upper thigh and groin area is medically called lumbar or coccydynia (tailbone or sacral pain). This is the most common type of back pain.

2. Middle the waist- This is called thoracic. This is also considered a common form of back pain. It affects the middle part of the lumbar region as well as the cervix.

3. Above the waist)- It targets the neck and spine above the waist, causing stiffness in the neck and shoulder area. This is called cervical pain.

Causes of Back Pain 

The main causes of back pain in women are as follows –

1. Menstrual Irregularity in menstruation, excessive bleeding or lack of blood flow is a major cause of back pain. Even in the normal state of menstruation, there is a slight pain in the waist of women.

2. Menopause- Menstruation usually occurs on the 28th day between the age of 14 to 45-50 years of age and a matured ovum comes out from the oviduct. This ovum, impregnated with sperm in the oviduct, enters the uterus and becomes the form of the womb. Hormone produced in the ovum after maturation of the ovum causes ovulation, conception and growth.

Menstruation also stops when mature eggs stop in the oviduct. That is, at the end of the active life of the ovum, the production of endocrine stops. This is called menopause.

It is a time of change in a woman’s life. Anyway the meaning of menopause is ‘change in life’. Menopause brings about both physical and mental changes in a woman. The symptoms are loose in the body, tiredness, sadness in the mind, contemplation, lack of desire to have sex, sleeplessness, pain in body parts, etc. With the permanent stop of menstruation, menopause causes back pain.

3. Weight Gain- When the weight increases, it is natural for the body’s weight to fall on the spine. This load puts excessive pressure on the muscles, causing strain on the joints. This pressure and strain causes back pain.

4. Spine pressure- Back pain is caused due to pressure on any part of the spine, it can also spread from the neck down to the waist.

5. Spine pain- Pain in the spine means that the pain spreads throughout the waist. Not only this, there can also be a problem of slip disc. Pain in the spine occurs due to pressure on the spine. And this pressure comes from sitting in the wrong posture for a long time. Standing for a long time or standing incorrectly. Spine/back pain can occur due to many reasons like wrong position of computer chair, typing in wrong position, lifting heavy weight etc.

6.High Heels- High heels are also a big reason for back pain because the weight of the body rests only on the toes, due to which the balance of the body remains abnormal and there is a bad effect on the spine. In addition to having pain in the waist, legs, swelling, there is a possibility of arthritis.

7. Nutritional Deficiencies- Lack of nutrients like iron, calcium, zinc, vitamins, proteins in the diet also causes back pain.

8. Vitamin-D Deficiency- Vitamin-D and calcium are required for healthy and strong bones. Vitamin-D is especially needed for women. Lack of vitamin-D and calcium can lead to back pain.

9. Infection- Pelvic Inflammatory Disease can cause back pain.

10. Gynecology- Anemia, white leucorrhoea, blood leucorrhoea, can also cause back pain.

Home Remedies for Back Pain

Friends, now you know about the remedies which will give you relief from back pain. These are as follows –

1. Ginger- The anti-inflammatory properties present in ginger provide relief in pain. It can be used like this:-

(i) Ginger is a very good option for back pain. Put 5-6 pieces of ginger in 2 cups of water and boil it on low flame for 15-20 minutes. After cooling down a bit, it means to remain lukewarm, then add half a teaspoon of honey to it and drink it. If you drink this way every day, it will be of great benefit.

(ii) Ginger tea (not milkwali) will also be good in back pain. Boil one teaspoon ginger powder or 6-7 chopped pieces, half teaspoon black pepper powder and one teaspoon clove powder (this powder can also be made at home by grinding) in one and a half cups of water. When the water remains one cup, take it off, filter it and drink it slowly like tea. This will be called your herbal tea.

(iii) Make a paste by grinding ginger and apply a little eucalyptus oil on the painful area. All the pain will go away.

(iv) Mix ginger juice with coconut oil and heat it. Then filter it and massage it by applying lukewarm to the waist.

2. Milk- Calcium deficiency is fulfilled by milk. This makes bones and muscles strong. Mix one teaspoon of honey in a glass of milk every day or drink it infrequently.

3. Poppy Seed- Poppy seeds are a panacea for back pain. It can be used like this:-

(i) Take equal quantity of poppy seeds and black pepper, grind them together and make powder. Take 10 grams of this powder with warm milk in the morning and evening. Will definitely benefit.

(ii) Make a powder of poppy seeds and drink it mixed with powdered sugar candy in milk in the morning and evening.

4. Celery- After roasting some celery lightly and chewing it, it will give immediate relief in pain.

5. Garlic- Garlic also acts as a panacea in back pain. It can be used like this:-

(i) Put 3-4 cloves of garlic in mustard oil and cook till the garlic buds turn black. After filtering it, massage it after cooling, or apply lukewarm oil on the painful area. You can also use coconut oil or sesame oil instead of mustard oil and cook 2-3 cloves or a little carom seeds with garlic.

(ii) Eat 2-3 cloves of garlic every morning on an empty stomach. This will give relief in back pain.

6. Rock salt- Make a thick paste by adding a little water to the rock salt. Put this paste in a cloth and squeeze it so that the water gets separated from it. Now apply this paste on the painful area. This will reduce the pain.

7. Dates – Boil 5 dates daily, then mix 2 grams fenugreek powder in it and drink it, it will get relief in back pain.

8 Lotus Cucumber- Boiling lotus cucumber powder in milk and drinking it will definitely give relief in back pain.

9. Wheat- There are some compounds in wheat that leave a pain-relieving effect. Use it like this:-

(i) Soak a whey of wheat in water for overnight. Sieve in the morning, mix wheat with milk and heat it and drink it twice a day.

(ii) Make a roti of wheat at night but bake it from one side only. While sleeping, apply sesame oil on the raw side of the roti and apply it on the painful area. By morning the pain will be gone.

10. Basil- Boil 8-10 basil leaves in a cup of water. When the water remains half, let it cool down and drink it by adding a little salt to it.

11. Almond- Soak 4-5 almonds at night, peel off the skin in the morning, grind it and mix it in milk and drink it.

12. Almond Oil- Massaging almond oil daily will also provide relief in back pain.

13. Fenugreek (Fenugeek)- Mix fenugreek seeds with mustard oil and fry them till they turn black. Massage this oil. There will be relief in back pain.

14. Sesame oil- Massaging with sesame oil will give relief in back pain and muscles.

15. Others Oil- You can use other herbal oils like coconut, olive, eucalyptus etc. to massage the waist. All these will give relief in back pain.

16. Water vapor- Compressing with water steam also provides relief in back pain. This is a good and simple home remedy. Senda salt can also be mixed in hot water. Soak a soft towel in warm water and squeeze it. Wrap this towel around your waist. Its steam will give relief in pain.

17. Ice- The use of ice will provide relief in back pain. Wrap the crushed ice in a cloth and keep it on the painful area for a long time. Do this process several times a day. Surely there will be relief in back pain.

18. Yogasan- By doing Makarasana, you will get rid of back pain permanently.


In this article, we have learned that by using which home remedies you can get relief from your back pan, then if you have found this blog helpful at all, then definitely share it with your friends or relatives because if they also have this type of problem. If so then it can be helpful for them.

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