Today we are living in such a Era in which there is no shortage of stress in the life of the people. There can be many reactions of stress, but have you ever thought that what impact of stress can read in your heart, maybe otherwise this blog is basically going to be discussed on this topic.

Medical researchers, however, do not have a rational basis to show how stress is related to increasing the risk of heart disease. Stress may act as a direct risk factor, or may contribute indirectly by leading to high cholesterol or high blood pressure. Either way, it is never considered enough.

Stress acts as an individual risk factor on a prolonged basis, when the body has constantly been under stress for long. This may lead to increase in stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol which predispose the body to increased risk for many cardiac problems. There may be a minor alteration in which the blood clots.

One important consideration while contemplating stress as a risk factor is that response to a similar stressful situation is very individualistic and each person may respond entirely differently. While one may find an event miserable and frustrating, it might be routine for the other individual. Those more prone to be easily angered, or frustrated have increased chances of developing stress-related multiple health issues including cardiac problems.

Those who are already suffering from cardiac issues may face a severe risk for angina, if they have an incidence of chronic stress.

It is good to develop a sense of a situation which acts as triggers to your life: traffic jams, irregular employees, kids’ performance, etc and try to handle them with a calm mind. Practicing mindfulness can be very helpful and meditation and yoga can be really beneficial.

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