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Glowing teeth play a very important role in creating your impression. Suppose you are standing in a small gathering and suddenly someone cracks a joke and you start showing your yellow teeth which makes everyone focus on your teeth and That’s what your bastard friends comment that “brother i like your yellow yellow teeth” hahaha. i hope you will feel very bad at that time and should feel it too.

So if you are very serious about this and want to keep your teeth white, then this blog is for you because in this blog you will be told about some home remedies which are very effective for teeth whitening, then blog read till the end.

What is the cause of yellowing of teeth? 

1. Excessive use of chemicals water

If a person uses water containing chemicals in large quantities, then that person may have problems related to teeth. Along with this, that person may also complain of yellowing in the teeth, so water of chemicals should not be used in large quantities.

2. Excessive use of tobacco and smoking

If a person consumes tobacco and smoke in excessive amount. So that person may complain of yellowing of the teeth. Along with this, that person may also have some other problems related to the body. For example, there may be problems in breathing, problems with the lungs, etc.

3. Using Too Much Rust Food

If a person uses rust food in large quantities. So that person may also have a problem of yellowing of the teeth. Therefore it is important that rust food should not be used in large quantities.

Teeth Whitening Home Remedies

1. Use of Milk

If a person wants to keep his teeth white, then that person should definitely consume milk. Because it contains a lot of calcium. Which makes the teeth strong and unmatched. Therefore milk is very beneficial for the teeth.

2. Using Peepal Root

By using the root of peepal, a person definitely gets a solution to every problem of teeth. Because by using it, a person gets a lot of relief in the teeth. But at the same time the teeth also become white and shiny. Therefore, the root of peepal is very beneficial for the teeth.

3. Using Salt

If a person wants to whiten his teeth, then that person should use salt. Because it contains sodium and chloride which plays an important role in eliminating the yellowness of teeth. Along with this, the teeth also become strong. Therefore, the use of salt is very important for the health of the teeth.

4. Using Neem

If we talk about Indian culture, then we will find that neem has been considered very beneficial in this culture in terms of health. Because it contains antioxidants. Which nourishes the body, which helps in making the teeth white. Therefore, using neem is considered very important.

5. Using Lemon

If a person wants to make his teeth white and shiny, then that person should definitely use lemon. Because of its use, there is no yellowing in the teeth of the person. Also, the person also gets relief from bad breath. Therefore, the use of lemon is very important to make the teeth white and shiny.

6. Baking Soda

If a person wants to make his teeth white, then that person should use baking soda. So that the teeth of the person can become white. Baking soda should be used after brushing. Because its use gives great relief to the teeth. Along with this, the yellowness of the teeth is also removed.

7. Using Raisins

If a person wants to increase the brightness of his teeth. So that person should definitely use raisins, so that the brightness of the teeth can be increased.

8. Using Tool

If a person wants to make his teeth strong and shiny, then that person should definitely use teeth. Because by its use, a person gets relief from the problem of yellowness and gum problem. That’s why it is very important to use datun.

9. Use of Basil

Almost everyone knows that Tulsi is used as a form of worship in homes. But it also has many properties. For example, Tulsi makes the teeth strong and shiny. Along with this, it also removes the yellowing of the teeth, so the use of Tulsi is very important from the point of view of teeth.


Hope this blog must have been a little helpful for you, but keep in mind that you should never be lazy in applying the process and home remedies because we humans have the same problem that we never follow the process properly. And always think about the results.

There is no need to tell anyone what is the importance of air i.e. oxygen in our life, as we know that we cannot live at all without oxygen or air, our body takes oxygen about 20 thousand times a day. And it is believed that without it we can survive only 4 to 6 minutes.

But as we know that with the way the country is developing, problems like pollution are also increasing in the country and the most common pollution among them is air pollution, due to which breathing in fresh air has become very difficult. Is.

There are many reasons for air pollution, but in this blog we are going to know about some such reasons due to which air pollution increases very fast.

Reasons for Poor Air Quality

  • Due to lack of proper drainage system
  • industrial smoke
  • car smoke
  • Use of hazardous chemicals in agriculture
  • deforestation
  • felling of trees

Problems due to Air Pollution

  • having respiratory diseases
  • Vomiting, suffocation, headache etc.
  • burning eyes
  • decrease in the production capacity of the land
  • having asthma
  • The ozone circle works to block the harmful rays coming from space, but due to air pollution, it is natural to have holes in it, which can increase skin diseases and can lead to dangerous diseases like skin cancer.
  • Decreased oxygen level in the atmosphere causing difficulty in breathing

13 Tips to Prevent Air Pollution

  1. Factories should be set up away from the city.
  2. Such a technique should be used so that most of the smoke is absorbed and the gases do not get into the air in large quantities.
  3. Meaningful efforts should be made to stop population growth.
  4. To stop the process of urbanization, industries and means of employment should be established in the villages.
  5. The smoke emanating from the fuel in the vehicles will have to be adjusted in such a way that the least amount of smoke comes out of the vehicles.
  6. Deforestation has to be stopped because trees and plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Oxygen is very important for us. In such a situation, if forests are cut, then it can prove to be dangerous for our life.
  7. Efforts will have to be made with tree plantation and steps will have to be taken in this direction.
  8. Sewerage should be everywhere for the removal of waste materials in cities.
  9. Make a habit of throwing garbage in the garbage can.
  10. Do not burn plastic as it causes more pollution.
  11. The young generation will have to be informed about how nature can be kept clean. Tell them about the importance of tree plantation.
  12. Give information to people about air pollution. Explain its disadvantages and make them aware about it.
  13. Make people aware to plant plants in every house.

Insulin is an essential hormone present in our body, which converts the sugar present in our blood into energy. There is insulin hormone inside every person but if a person is suffering from diabetes then it means that there is more insulin in that person’s body. If a person is producing more insulin hormones than necessary, then he can become a victim of diabetes-2.

In this blog, we will learn about some healthy home remedies by which you can lower your insulin hormone if you are facing high insulin hormone levels.

5 Natural Ways to Lower Insulin

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

By using apple cider vinegar, you can control the insulin hormone in the body. Apple cider vinegar, which is used in many diseases and has many benefits. If too much insulin hormone is being made in your body, then you should drink a glass of water mixed with 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar 30 minutes before meals every day. Very soon you will get to see its benefits.

2. Cinnamon

Cinnamon has many benefits. You should use a little cinnamon in your daily diet, this will keep the level of insulin in your body right. Cinnamon reduces the amount of insulin in the body. Therefore, whatever you eat, sprinkle a little cinnamon powder in it, then the taste of your food will also increase and your blood sugar will also be good.

3. Fiber Rich Food

You must have often heard from the mouths of doctors, gym trainers and dieticians that you should take a diet rich in fiber because it is very good for your health. Fiber means fibrous food which is not greasy but contains fiber. Smooth things get stuck in the intestines, which is harmful for the body.

But when you eat fiber-rich things, they do not stick in the intestines and the stomach has to spend a lot of time digesting them. Therefore, foods with fiber gradually increase blood sugar. The only natural way for diabetic patients to consume fiber-rich foods is to keep the insulin hormone under control.

4. Eat Low Carbohydrate Things

If your body makes more insulin hormone, then it would be better for you to take carbohydrate rich diet. In fact, carbohydrates increase the blood sugar in the body very fast, due to which there is a problem of insulin in the body. Therefore, such people are advised to eat low carbohydrate foods.

5. Almonds consume

In a research published in a US journal, it has been clearly told that give place to almonds in your diet. If you eat almonds regularly, then the insulin in your body remains largely under control. The study, which lasted more than 16 weeks, found that the diabetes of the people who ate almonds was significantly controlled.

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Mouth ulcers happen to you when you eat any hot hot thing or you consume more spicy things or heer it can happen to you from any other region too, so if you are looking for an effective remedy to get rid of it. So you are at the right place, in this blog you will be told about 19 best ways by which you will be able to cure mouth ulcers easily.

Use of ice

A person feels a lot of pain and swelling due to blisters. In this situation, it is advisable to use ice as the ice reduces the swelling and heals the blister quickly. For its use, take a piece of ice and apply it lightly on the blistered area. You can use this two or three times a day.


Camphor is also an effective medicine to cure mouth ulcers. For this, heat 50 grams of ghee and mix 6 grams of camphor in it. Heat the mixture and take it off the flame. By applying this mixture on the mouth, the blisters heal very quickly.


Grind three to four basil leaves and extract its juice. Applying this juice on the ulcers is very beneficial.

Betel Katha

The catechu used in betel leaves is a panacea for blisters. Keeping catechu in the mouth gives instant relief from the problem of ulcers. Applying honey and liquorice mixed with betel leaves two to three times a day for three to four days in a row provides relief.

Apple vinegar

There are some elements found in apple vinegar, which kill the virus causing infection, which gives relief to the person from mouth ulcers. To use it, take a little apple vinegar on a cotton swab and apply it on the blistered area. Now let it dry. You can use it two to three times a day.


Everyone is aware of the medicinal properties of honey. Its antimicrobial properties heal ulcers as well as soothe irritation. For this, first apply honey on your finger and apply it on the blistered area and leave it for about five minutes. Finally clean it with water.


Milk is also helpful in getting relief from mouth ulcers. This is due to the anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties present in it. To use it, first soak milk in cotton and then apply it on the affected area. Let it be like this for some time. Finally wash it.

Aloe vera gel

The anti-viral properties of aloe vera gel also provide relief from infection. For this, apply aloe vera gel on cotton and apply it on the mouth ulcer. Leave it alone for a while. Wash it off when it dries. Do this remedy two to three times a day. You will feel a lot of relief.


Take 2 to 3 three garlic cloves. Make a paste out of them. Now apply this paste on the blistered area. After some time rinse off with cold water. In this way, you can easily get rid of ulcers.

tea tree oil

This oil has anti-bacterial properties which are effective in relieving ulcers. Applying tea tree oil 3 to 4 times daily will provide relief.

Desi Ghee

To get rid of mouth and tongue ulcers, apply desi ghee on the ulcers before sleeping at night. By applying ghee, the blisters will disappear by morning.

guava leaves

To get relief from ulcers, chew guava leaves mixed with catechu. Mouth ulcers are removed by chewing it 2 to 3 times.


Turmeric is also helpful in relieving ulcers. Gargling with turmeric water every morning and evening can also provide relief from ulcers and the pain caused by it.


Apply alum on the blistered area twice. You will have pain while applying alum. Don’t be afraid of it. It is natural to have pain or burning.


Mixing tomato juice in a glass of water and gargling it removes the blisters.

Neem tree

Antibacterial properties are also found in Neem. First boil neem leaves. Put four to five drops of garlic juice in it and gargle with it, mouth ulcers will be cured.


Acacia bark is very effective in removing mouth ulcers, gargling with a decoction of acacia bark cures mouth ulcers.


Mix the honey in a little honey by inflating and grinding the suhaga on the pan. Apply this mixture on the ulcers three to four times a day. Mouth ulcers will be cured.


Gargle with salt mixed with water, so that the mouth remains clean and consume cold things more and more. Drink yogurt, buttermilk and fruit juice or you can get relief from ice cream too.

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Hiccups is a very common problem that can happen to anyone, but if you are having hiccups for a long time, then you should consult a doctor, according to medical science, it has been told that hiccups is a disease that can happen to anyone at any time. Maybe but they also do not have the exact answer why hiccups happen because there are many reasons for this, so if you are also troubled by hiccups then this blog can be helpful for you because in this you will be told about some of the best remedies. By which you will be able to prevent hiccups.

When does hiccups come?

According to medical science, hiccups occur when the diaphragm contracts. In such a situation, whenever there is hiccups, hold your breath, by doing this the carbon dioxide will be filled in the lungs and the diaphragm will work to remove it, as soon as the diaphragm becomes active, the hiccups will stop.

Reasons of hiccups

The causes of hiccups are divided into two parts. One due to hiccups lasting less than 1-48 hours and the other due to hiccups for more than 2-48 hours.

Having hiccups for less than 1-48 hours or for a few hours

There are many reasons for hiccups. The reasons for hiccups lasting less than 48 hours include:

  • Drinking carbonated beverages.
  • drinking too much alcohol
  • eating too much.
  • being agitated or emotionally stressed
  • Sudden change in temperature.
  • Swallowing air with chewing gum or toffee.

Having hiccups for more than 2-48 hours

There can be many reasons for hiccups for more than 48 hours, which can be divided into the following categories.

  • nerve damage
  • Prolonged hiccups can be caused by irritation or some other type of damage to the vagus nerves or phrenic nerves, these nerves that aid in the function of the diaphragm muscle. Factors that can lead to damage or irritation of these nerves include:
  • Having a tumor, goiter, or lump in your neck.
  • Sore throat or swelling in the throat.
  • central nervous system disorders
  • Damage to the affected area due to a tumor, infection, or injury to your central nervous system interferes with controlling hiccups. Examples of this include the following-
  • brain swelling
  • brain fever
  • multiple sclerosis
  • the strokes
  • traumatic brain injury
  • tumor
  • Causes of metabolic disorders and drugs
  • Reasons for prolonged hiccups may also include –
  • alcohol addiction
  • fainting
  • brabiturates
  • Diabetes
  • electrolyte imbalance
  • kidney disease
  • traincooler

Risk factors for hiccups

The problem of hiccups is seen in men for a longer time than in women. There are some risk factors that can increase your problem of hiccups.

  • Mental and emotional problems – Anxiety, stress and getting excited about something can sometimes cause hiccups for short and long periods of time.
  • Surgery – In many cases, the possibility of hiccups increases due to anesthesia.

Home remedies to stop hiccups 

  • If you are troubled by hiccups, then lemon and honey are very helpful to stop it. All you have to do is to lick a little lemon juice mixed with a little honey, the hiccups will stop immediately.
  • Mix salt in some water and drink 1-2 sips and breathe comfortably. The hiccups will stop in no time.
  • Take a long breath and hold your breath for a while, scientists believe that when all the carbon dioxide present in the lungs is exhaled, the hiccups will stop automatically.
  • If hiccups are bothering you for a long time, then the easiest way to stop it is to eat three black peppers with some sugar or sugar candy and if you want, drink some water from above, the hiccups will stop.
  • Consumption of sugar can also help you to a great extent to stop hiccups. Put some sugar in your mouth during hiccups, your hiccups will stop in no time.
  • To stop the hiccups, put some peanut butter in the mouth and slowly bring it down from the throat, the hiccups will stop.
  • Consuming a teaspoon of vinegar can also stop your hiccups soon.
  • If cold water is drunk immediately after hiccups, it stops. While drinking the same water, close your nose and drink water.
  • Keeping an ice bag or a cloth soaked in cold water on the neck also helps when hiccups occur.
  • Inhaling and exhaling ten times in a paper bag also stops the hiccups. This slightly increases the level of carbon dioxide in the blood, which relaxes the nerves. This also stops the hiccups.

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Abortion As we know that there is a procedure to end pregnancy, when pregnancy comes without any planning, then abortion process is used to end it, you get some medicines in the market but they also have side effects. If you want to end pregnancy without any side effects, then home remedies are best for you.

Now this question must be coming in your mind that are there any home remedies which help in ending pregnancy, then in this blog we are going to talk about those home remedies in which you can end pregnancy without any side effects.

13 Home Tips For Abortion:

1. Vitamin C for Abortion

You can use too much vitamin C to have a natural abortion. It is believed that consuming too much vitamin C automatically causes miscarriage. If you consume fruits containing vitamin C and especially amla in abundance, then there can be every possibility of miscarriage.

2. Peppermint for Abortion

By taking peppermint oil or mint tea 3 to 4 times a day, women feel tired and irritable, as well as sweat a lot. And all these factors promote abortion of women.

3. Workout for Abortion

You don’t necessarily have to just eat while trying to conceive. Yes, you do a lot of jumping and exercise, it will also help you to conceive.

4. Papaya for Abortion

You all must have heard about papaya for abortion. Because it is advised to every pregnant woman that she should stay away from papaya or else she may have problems related to pregnancy, but if you want to have an abortion, then you should eat papaya as much as possible. And one of its advantages is that it also makes periods come early. The chemical found in it called papain promotes abortion.

5. Green Tea for Abortion

Green tea or green tea has many benefits for the body, such as reducing weight, keeping the body fit, keeping the heart healthy etc. But if it is consumed in excess, it can also cause problems for the body. Especially for pregnant women, that is why it is written on its packet that pregnant women should not consume it.

6. Raise Blood Pressure For Abortion

If your blood pressure rises, you may have more blood during your period. Similarly, it is also beneficial for your abortion. So you eat such things that increase your blood pressure and you get rid of your problem.

7. Pineapple for Abortion

Bromelain contains an enzyme called bromelain, which is as effective as papaya. It makes the cervix soft and causes abortion. It also does not have any bad effect on the health of women. If you want, you can eat pineapple juice or just like that.

8. Sesame for Abortion

Soak a handful of sesame seeds in water overnight and then eat it in the morning. If you want, roast a tablespoon of sesame seeds and eat it after mixing honey in it. This is a very safe option.

9. Take a shower with hot water for abortion

Taking bath in hot water regularly causes abortion. But along with this, you have to eat the things mentioned by us, which will have an immediate effect.

10. Aspirin for Abortion

Keep a lot of aspirin tablets with you and take 4 to 10 tablets of it every day. To make this treatment more effective, eat cloves, coffee, parsley, ginger and figs along with the pill. By eating this your menstruation will start.

11. Cheese for Abortion

Eating soft cheeses such as feta, brie, camembert, roquefort and gorgonzola prevents unwanted pregnancy. This cheese is made from unboiled milk.

12. Pomegranate for Abortion

If you eat pomegranate with its seeds, then your chances of having a miscarriage increase significantly. Since ancient times, pomegranate seeds were used for natural abortion.

13. Cardamom for Abortion

If you consume more cardamom, then it helps in abortion.

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Dry cough is quite common, which can happen to children and adults too, to get relief from this, you get many syrups available in the market, which cures you dry cough, but if you are allergic to those medicines or their effect on you. If it is not happening, then you can try home remedies, which can give you relief from dry cough, but if the cough lasts for a long time, then you must consult a doctor.

Remedies for dry cough

1. Honey-

The natural enzymes found in pure honey are very effective in relieving cough. These medicinal properties of honey make it very useful for the treatment of cough. For the treatment of dry cough, taking 1 teaspoon honey thrice a day provides great relief in dry cough.

2. Peepal knot-

Peepal lump is also considered beneficial in dry cough. This is a tried and tested recipe, which has helped in curing dry cough. For this, grind a lump of peepal and eat it after mixing it with a spoonful of honey. Do the same daily. This will cure dry cough in a few days.

3. Hot water gargles-

The oldest and easiest way to get rid of cough and throat problems due to it is hot water gargles. Gargling with a spoonful of salt in a glass of lukewarm water in the morning and evening kills the germs causing sore throat and gives relief to the throat.

4. Black pepper-

Black pepper is not just a spice, but it is full of special medicinal properties, which is very effective in getting rid of any type of cough. Roast one spoon of black pepper in one spoon of desi ghee and keep licking it for few days, it provides relief in dry cough.

5. Masala Chai-

Whether it is cold weather or heavy rain, the name of Masala Chai makes the mind happy. In case of dry cough, taking masala tea made of basil, black pepper, clove and ginger provides great relief to the throat. By drinking this, throat and chest infections are removed and within a few days one gets rid of cough.

6. Basil decoction-

Tulsi is a valuable herbal plant. It is said that basil is very useful in cough, cold and seasonal fever etc. Boil 8-10 basil leaves in a glass of clean water until the water remains half, now filter it in a cup, mix honey in it and take sips, it gives great relief to the throat. The pain of dry cough goes away and it does not have any side effects.

7. Ginger-

Ginger is considered very useful for cough. Boil one inch of ginger in a glass of water till the water becomes half, then mix honey and drink it with sips.

The second remedy is to grind ginger and take a clean cloth and after collecting this juice in a bowl, mix honey in it and keep it. Now keep licking it once in a while. Due to this, dryness of the throat gets moisture and ginger juice reduces cough.

8. Turmeric-

Turmeric has many medicinal properties, it is a treasure of antiseptic, its use provides great relief in chest infection and reduces cough till it ends completely.

Before sleeping at night, drink one-fourth teaspoon turmeric in hot milk and sugar according to taste, and it is also beneficial in dry cough.

In another way, boil a teaspoon of turmeric in a cup of water, add a quarter teaspoon of black pepper and a pinch of cinnamon powder, take it out in a cup and sip it with a teaspoon of honey.

9. Lemon-

Lemon is a very good source of Vitamin C and Vitamin C proves to be very good for the treatment of cough. Mixing one spoon of honey in two spoons of lemon juice and taking it four times a day ends sore throat and also provides relief from dry cough.

10. Garlic-

There is a type of antibacterial substance in garlic, which helps to disappear all the sore throat immediately.

Boil two or three cloves of garlic in a cup of water, after it cools down, mix honey in it and take sips, it provides great relief in dry cough.

11. Onion-

Mixing one teaspoon honey in half teaspoon onion juice and taking it twice a day is beneficial in dry cough.

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Nausea is an uneasiness of the stomach that often comes before vomiting. Vomating or Nausea is not a very serious problem, basically it happens to many people due to some normal reactions like overeating, drinking too much alcohol, stress, pregnancy, stomach flu etc. For its treatment, many medicines are available in the market but if you need medicine. Do not like to take and if you want to be cured with home remedies only, then you can.

In this blog you will be told about some home remedies which you can use to cure Nausea or Vomating.

Symptoms of nausea

  • Abdominal discomfort such as abdominal pain
  • stomach cramps
  • Dizziness
  • Anxiety, stress and depression
  • lip and mouth dryness
  • Fever
  • Confusion
  • sleeping too much
  • sweating profusely
  • Pain in chest

Causes of Nausea

  • stomach and throat irritation
  • Infection
  • gas formation
  • acidity
  • food poisoning
  • Other stomach problems
  • peptic ulcers
  • migraine
  • because of a strong smell
  • Abdominal blockage

If you feel nauseous, then follow these home remedies:

1. Ginger and Lemon

Mix a spoonful of ginger and lemon juice and try to drink this mixture several times throughout the day. Along with this, you can also drink ginger tea by adding a little honey.

2. Rice water

Boil rice in a cup of water and then drink it. Rice is very effective in reducing vomiting and nausea. Rice is also easy to digest.

3. Cinnamon

Mix cinnamon powder with water and drink it after boiling or if you want, you can also drink a spoonful of honey mixed with it. This mixture provides instant relief in nausea. Cinnamon keeps the stomach calm.

4. Mint

Mint is very effective when there is an upset stomach or there is a complaint of vomiting. Take a spoonful of dried mint leaves, boil it in a cup of hot water. Now let this mixture boil for 5-10 minutes. After that filter it and drink it. This will give relief in nausea and stomach related problems will also get relief.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar helps in reducing the feeling of vomiting and keeps the stomach calm. Along with this, it also helps in removing toxins from the body. If such properties are found in apple vinegar, then it reduces the symptoms of food poisoning. Take one spoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and you can also add one spoon of honey. Now drink this mixture. You can drink this mixture whenever you have the problem of nausea (nausea) or vomiting.

6. Cloves

If you want, you can also chew cloves directly or you can drink it by making tea. Clove improves digestion power, which helps in reducing the problem of vomiting.

7. Fennel

Put a teaspoon of fennel seeds in a glass of hot water and keep it boiling for 10 minutes. After boiling, filter this mixture and use it once or twice a day. Fennel has antibacterial properties, due to which it is helpful in preventing stomach problems.

8. Namkeen and Biscuit

Whenever you feel or feel like nausea (nausea) or vomiting, then you can eat biscuits or namkeen of your choice. This will give you nourishment and energy which will make you feel good.

Nausea do it upon arrival other Measure:

  • Drink water whenever you feel nausea (nausea) or vomiting. So that your stomach does not remain empty.
  • Take light and soft food.
  • Drink clear liquids such as juice.
  • Do not eat leftover food.
  • Do not eat outside food.
  • Get maximum rest.
  • Avoid the fragrance of perfume.
  • Do not brush right after eating.
  • Do not take deep sleep after eating food.
  • Take a short walk after eating food.

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It is quite common to have the problem of cough, but if it is getting too much then you may have to face a lot of trouble, many times we take different medicines to treat it, but nothing helps us much. .

Basically in this blog you will be told about some effective home remedies which you can apply and get relief from the problem of cough.

What is wet cough? 

Sometimes mucus also comes with cough, it is called wet cough. Wet cough is caused due to infection, pneumonia etc. This cough starts slowly but after a while this cough becomes painful. In such a situation, we try to remove this cough by taking medicines, but only medicine is not the way to remove this cough. Wet cough can also be removed with the help of some home remedies.

Home Remedies for wet cough:

1. Garlic

Garlic has the properties of removing bacteria, due to which garlic is very effective in removing wet cough. Eat 4-5 cloves of garlic in the morning, you will get relief from wet cough soon.

2. Mustard seeds

Grind a teaspoon of mustard seeds and mix it in a cup of hot water. Leave it like this for 20 minutes. Now filter it and drink it little by little throughout the day. This will give you relief from wet cough soon.

3. Drink more fluids

If you have a complaint of wet cough, then drink more and more water. Drink liquids as much as possible like juices etc. Due to this the mucus will come out of your body and you will get relief from cough. In such a situation, drink more and more water throughout the day.

4. Oregano

Ajwain has antioxidant properties, which provides relief in wet cough. Mix one tablespoon of carom seeds in a cup of hot water and cook till the water reduces to half. Now after cooling this mixture slightly, filter the carom seeds and add some honey to this mixture for taste, which will maintain the taste and will also remove wet cough.

5. Lemon

Antibiotic and antioxidant properties are found in lemon, due to which lemon helps in removing phlegm. To remove wet cough, squeeze a few drops of lemon in a cup of hot water and keep drinking every sip. Try this remedy daily to get quick relief from cough.

6. Salt Gargles

Gargle with salt in lukewarm water, it will give quick relief in wet cough. Doctors also recommend this recipe to get quick relief from throat related diseases.

7. Honey

Honey has many such properties which are very beneficial for the body. In such a situation, soaking pieces of ginger in honey and sucking it will give you quick relief in wet cough.

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