Choosing a right primer is not an easy task because there are many brands in the market who claim to make their product better, so there are different types of primers like one is better for oily skin and some for dry skin. So basically in this blog we are going to know which primer can be better for you according to your skin type, so that you will be able to buy easily.

  • Primer names for sensitive skin
  • How to choose a primer for sensitive skin?
  • What is the right way to apply primer on sensitive skin?


Let us know which products are included in the list of best primer for sensitive skin.

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Primer names for sensitive skin

All the information given below about the Best Primer product is based on the company’s claims and user experiences. Amazon links are also given in this article, by clicking on which you can order your favorite primer sitting at home. Let us start with the list of best primer for sensitive skin.

1. Maybelline New York Master Prime Mattifying Primer

This primer from Maybelline New York is included in the list of best primer for sensitive skin. This primer helps in making the makeup last longer. Also covers the marks and spots on the face. The company says that it is a dermatologist tested and allergy-checked product that means it does not cause allergies.

a quality:

  • Does not clog pores.
  • Light weight primer.
  • This primer does not feel sticky.
  • Comes in travel friendly tube packaging.
  • Creates a good base for makeup.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin as well as all other skin types.


  • Does not last long on a sweating face.
  • It can be a bit difficult to clean off from the face.

2. Colorbar New Perfect Match Primer

Colorbar is also included in the list of best primers for sensitive skin. The specialty of this primer is that it can reduce fine lines and redness on the face. It helps to prepare sensitive skin for makeup.

a quality:

  • It is a primer with an oil-free gel based formula.
  • It has the properties of Vitamin-E.
  • Certified by Dermatologist.
  • It can moisturize the skin.
  • Can hide pores and fine lines.
  • Artificial fragrance, allergens and parabens free.
  • Leaves the skin looking blemish-free and glowing.
  • It is non-comedogenic i.e. does not block the skin pores.


  • Those with dry skin may have to use moisturizer along with it.
  • There are fake products in the market under its name, so always buy it from a trusted seller.

3. Bellezza Secreto Premium Makeup Primer

This is a primer imported from USA, which blends on the skin smoothly. By applying it, there is no feeling of heaviness on the face. It is neither sticky nor does dirt settle on it. For this reason, it can be the best primer for sensitive skin.

a quality:

  • Pores minimize i.e. can make the pores smaller.
  • Can be effective in hiding fine lines.
  • It has anti-aging and wrinkle-reducing ingredients.
  • Enriched with the properties of Vitamin-E and Vitamin-A.
  • Parabens free product.


  • It is expensive as compared to other primers.

4. Lotus Makeup Ecostay Insta Smooth Perfecting Primer

Lotus Ecostay Primer is also included in the list of best primer for sensitive skin. It is an oil-free gel based makeup primer, which does not make the face sticky. Lotus Primer can do the job of making makeup last for a long time. It can also be helpful in absorbing excess oil from the skin.

a quality:

  • Suitable and safe for sensitive, oily and acne prone skin.
  • Does not block pores and can help to tighten them.
  • It can help to hide blemishes by improving skin tone.
  • It has the properties of Vitamin-E, which can protect against sun damage.
  • This primer can make the skin soft and supple.
  • Can keep skin hydrated.
  • Made from 100% vegetarian ingredients.


  • The skin absorbs oil, but is not effective in preventing it for long periods of time.
  • Not effective in keeping very dry skin hydrated.

5. Miss Claire Studio Perfect Professional Makeup Primer

Sensitive skin needs a primer that gives a professional look, so you can take a look at this product from Miss Claire. It can hide skin imperfections, such as dark spots, wrinkles and dark circles. This primer can make a good base for makeup.

a quality:

  • This primer claims to give an airbrushed makeup-like effect.
  • Can give instant glow to the skin.
  • Can stop the appearance of pores.
  • Can be helpful in giving a soft feel to the face.
  • May reduce redness of the skin.
  • Said to be suitable for all skin types.


  • This primer can show cracks on the face after a time.

6. Bellina Oil Free Face Primer

Bellina Oil Free Face Primer can also be called the best primer for sensitive skin. This face primer promises to give an instant matte finish to the skin. It also makes a great base for high definition makeup.

a quality:

  • This primer does not contain chemicals like parabens and sulfates.
  • Matches easily with skin tone.
  • Can be effective in hiding dark circles.
  • It can be used as a makeup base.
  • This is a gel based primer, which can give a silky look to the face.
  • Is non-comedogenic, which can prevent acne.
  • Its packaging is good.


  • May give a feeling of heaviness to some faces.

7. Too Faced Primed & Poreless Pure Oil-Free Skin Smoothing Face Primer

Your search for a primer for sensitive skin can end on this product, as this primer has been specially formulated for sensitive skin. Its sensitive formula can be beneficial in oil control. Also, it is a lightweight primer, which can cover the imperfections of the face well.

a quality:

  • Can make makeup last for a long time.
  • This is a colorless primer, which can be used by all skin tones.
  • Can absorb excess oil from the face.
  • May be helpful in reducing redness.
  • May reduce the appearance of fine lines.
  • Gets easily absorbed on the skin.


  • Not suitable for very dry skin.
  • Some users have complained about its smell.

How to choose a primer for sensitive skin?

When choosing the best primer for sensitive skin, a few things to keep in mind can help you choose the right product. Read below some tips on choosing a primer.

  • If women’s skin is sensitive as well as oily, then they should choose a matte primer.
  • If you have acne and pimples on your face, then choose an anti-acne primer. Also check whether the primer has anti-acne ingredients.
  • If someone has dry skin, then one should opt for a primer with moisturizing properties.
  • Those with sensitive skin should choose cosmetics containing minimal chemicals. Herbal products are a good option.
  • When choosing a primer, take special care of the skin tone as well. To get a natural look, buy a primer that matches your skin tone.
  • If you want a primer to also provide protection from the sun’s harmful rays, choose a product that has SPF (Sun Protection Factor)
  • Always buy primer from a trusted seller.
  • To avoid counterfeit products, choose a branded primer by looking at the stamp on it.

What is the right way to apply primer on sensitive skin?

No matter how good makeup you buy, unless you know the right way to use it, it is difficult to find the perfect look. For this reason, the correct way to use the primer is being explained below.

  • It is important to wash the face thoroughly before applying the primer.
  • First wash your face with sensitive skin face wash.
  • After that wipe the face with a soft towel.
  • If you have dry skin, use a good moisturizer.
  • Then remove the primer as needed on your palm.
  • Now with the help of fingers, apply primer on the face by dot-dot.
  • With a good makeup brush, blend the primer onto the skin.
  • Set the primer with the brush until it is evenly applied on the face.
  • Now start the further makeup process.
  • Note that if side effects of the product are observed, it should be immediately washed off with water and consulted with a dermatologist.
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